Dawn of Zombies: Survival with many similarities to the great Last Day on Earth

by Kelvin
Dawn of Zombies: Survival

Dawn of Zombies: Survival (yes, yes, another zombie game) arrives at the Play Store to be a great survival game, but because it is so similar to the great Last Day on Earth, you lose all the grace when you start to discover that they don't invent anything.

Logically you can say that they do many games with others, but when you start the game and see that You already have to build a motorcycle with parts Like other craft tables, and especially when they are all rooms, you are almost perplexed by the nose that you can have. Hey, it's a show graphically, but the king here is Last Day on Earth.


It is not the first time it happens

When I started playing Last Day on Earth, months later, more than enough copies appeared. The only thing he got was to give more fame to the original and thus become one of the best survivals we have today for our mobiles.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival takes us to the same gameplay and those similarities so obvious that we hardly need to play it. With understanding that we have to collect materials, that the isometric view is the same and that it even has those points of craftsmanship to copy the original and king clearly, you are a bit perplexed.

Already if you finish the first missions and you have to go to the fog, which is the limit of your home's stay, to find a map that is equal to the original, although with visual differences rather than visible. We have dressed him in a better way, but in soul he is what he is.

The differences in Dawn of Zombies: Survival

Nor will we put aside the work done by the developers of this new game. We can differentiate the possibility of building underground structures and all that content we have to discover as are the 150 planes for weapons, armor and vehicles and the 60 types of weapons such as the Makarov, M16 and more …

Dawn of Zombies Survival

It is not that it is something different, it is more content, although you can enjoy building a spy robot to besiege the shelters of other players in PvP mode, although this one rather It will be a mob that goes for you when you're at home. We miss a real-time mode in which you can fight against other players.

Another of the punzos that had the original, but although they really were machine controlled; We do not know if over the years they have incorporated a multiplayer in real time that gives a lot of chicha to this type of games.

The multiplayer will arrive

Dawn of Zombies: Survival you will receive a multiplayer mode of all against all or PvP and settlements where you can communicate with other players. It seems that they are going to put all the meat on the grill in the multiplayer, so at least here you can distance yourself from the original; If they had done it first, surely we would have started the article differently.


Technically it is very appreciable the great visual quality of Dawn of Zombies: Survival. It does not lack anything and highlight the lighting and its effects, and those menus well worked. It is a game that visually attracts a lot of attention and if you have some of the new phones this year you will enjoy the beauty from their screens.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival comes to be a clear imitation of Last Day on Earth, although with some variation in future updates. We say it clearly, the copies were always copies and in the end what they get is to give the entity greater name and name. They will see, but you have to be a little more original when we put so many efforts in other aspects, so hopefully they improve it with a major update in the multiplayer that differentiate it. A pity

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  • A copy of Last Day on Earth

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