DBarrio, the Galician online alternative to Amazon for small local businesses

by Kelvin
DBarrio, the Galician online alternative to Amazon for small local businesses

DBarrio is a fully functioning online platform in Vigo through which you can buy online and at home in local businesses with social values. Thus, they value the small local business by giving it a digital channel.

The emergence of ecommerce and giants like Amazon It has jeopardized the survival of small neighborhood businesses and their local projects. But with creativity, ingenuity and digital transformation there are also enriching and interesting initiatives that allow local stores to have an online presence and home delivery. Today we are talking about DBarrio.com, a platform that is already working at full capacity with more than 150 establishments in the Galician city of Vigo.


At TICbeat we talk to their managers about the project: businesses put the DBarrio sticker, both shops and restaurants and They now have space on the platform with their own microweb, from which customers can place orders online. The idea arose more than three years ago due to the worrying situation of small businesses and the job insecurity of many of the distributors of international online sales platforms.

What is and what is food sovereignty?

Businesses must meet the requirements of small local businesses or restaurants and share Dbarrio’s sales philosophy, which seeks to revalue this type of synergy, collaborate with social projects and improve the service offered from the neighborhoods.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, they say that subscriptions and sales of DBarrio associates have increased tenfoldThanks to the initiative, they improve their services and the valuation of their businesses, while social networks expand their power of action and their visibility.

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DBarrio has a business donation system to non-profit associations: 5% of the turnover of each business will be donated to their favorite social work. This is visible along with your schedule on your Dbarrio website.


So far the non-profit associations that have opted for Dbarrio are: Alborada, Alento, Apamp, Association of Merchants of Calvario, Association of Merchants of Torrecedeira, Aspanaex Galicia, Casa Caridad de Vigo Comedor de la Esperanza, Escuela Deportiva Vigo 2015, Evd Galicia, Hada, You Are Our Help

Businesses can select their favorite social work by going to their account / Business administration panel / in the tab My commercial advisor and my favorite social work. They can view the profile of each social work, choose and change their favorite social work whenever they want.

The positive thing about this model that digitizes and takes home delivery of small neighborhood shops is its exportable character, since it is currently being implemented in many cities and towns in Galicia and Spain. aim

Instead of disappearing, crises like the one we are experiencing can contribute to a change of consciousness and a commitment by consumers to take care of the lifelong businesses around them. Digitization is an important aid tool.

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