Dead by Daylight releases new killer and Stranger Things characters

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

Behavior Interactive announced almost a month ago that in September new characters would arrive in Dead by Daylight, it was a collaboration with Netflix and Stranger Things to bring up to three new characters to the asymmetric multiplayer. Now they show us the complete trailer of these characters that should already be available in the game store.

We say this because, despite the same trailer announcing the characters as "available", many players complain that they still do not appear in the store. This may be due to a small unusual delay, but we will also tell you a little about these new elements.


The Demogorgon

The killer of this event will be a monster from the world upside down from Stranger Things, the Demogorgon. This humanoid monster has a natural power and three abilities. The first, "Of the Abyss" allows you to use an unlimited number of portals in the parts of the map where there is flat ground, after a while you can use them to teleport quickly and take the victims by surprise.

Dead by Daylight releases new killer and Stranger Things characters 3

This power also allows you to charge forward if you see a victim nearby when you have just used a portal. On the other hand, the three new skills are "Surge", "Cruel Limits" and "Mindbreaker", these affect the victims in a more passive way. The first weakens the power generators if you attack a victim near one of these, the second closes the victims' paths if they start a generator and Mindbreaker will cloud his sight when repairing power generators.

New characters

On the other hand, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington have also been added with models taken directly from the third season. Both will have specific skills that relate to camaraderie with other victims. For example, both will receive advantages if they help or are helped by another victim and, in Nancy's case, can be cured inside a locker if one hides a totem on stage.

Dead by Daylight releases new killer and Stranger Things characters 4

To all this we must add that there will be a new map inspired by the Netflix series, we talk about the Hawkins National Laboratory, a closed environment and that is probably the ideal place to play as the Demogorgon.

Dead by Daylight is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will be available on Switch this September 24th. We leave the trailer of the three characters and the new map below.

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