Dead Island 2: New studio could get the game going

by Kelvin

Since Dead Island 2 was first unveiled at E3 2014, life has not turned out to be so easy. After all, after about 5 years, the title has not yet received any release date.

However, this course could change very soon, as who will take control of the game will be nothing less than Dambuster Studios. But we will explain everything else below.


After all, why was Dead Island 2 studio changed?

Dead Island 2: New studio could get the game going 2

It is still unclear what reasons led Sumo Digital to give up creating Dead Island 2. However, it is speculated that it was due to pressure from disillusioned fans. That after so long, they haven't had any information about the new game yet.

Thus, the studio responsible for the game will now be Dambuster Studios. Which was created in 2014, launching only a single game to the market. That was nothing less than Homefront: The Revolution.

What information do we know about Dead Island 2?

Nothing is known for sure yet, but it seems this new game will be a continuation of the original title. That will be in the United States, rather than on the deserted island that players are used to.

However, despite being announced almost 5 years ago, there is still no Trailer, Gameplay or even revelations about some characters. Which honestly makes fans very unhappy.

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Why do we think Dambuster Studios won't be the best for creating Dead Island 2?

Dead island 2

In fact we can admit that Dambuster Studios does not inspire us with much confidence. After all, as we mentioned above, the only game created by the studio was Homefront: The Revolution which, after it was released, received a lot of criticism. This is because it is a game full of technical flaws and with a lackluster history.

In short, we can conclude that the game now has a new responsible studio. And that only time will tell whether or not this was a right choice.

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