Death’s Door makes its debut and gets a launch trailer

by Kelvin
Death's Door makes its debut and gets a launch trailer

death’s door was released today, July 20, on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. To mark the game’s arrival, we have a new launch trailer, highlighting the game’s universe and “adventurous” style.

The video no longer shows gameplay. Instead, it’s basically an animated short made in the artistic style of death’s door. Accompanied by lively music, we see the main character Crow going through different scenarios and facing different enemies.


Even though it’s just an animation, you can see that there is an emphasis on the variety of weapons the player can use and on the huge bosses that should appear throughout the game.

Also shown are the mysterious doors that give the game its name and will be an important element of your plot development.

The trailer ends with a quick scene of Crow in a cemetery, passing by a gravedigger preparing a new grave. This could be a reference to the rogue-lite aspect of the game, where dying and coming back is part of the gameplay and narrative.

death’s door is developed by Acid Nerve, which gained fame with the release of Titan Souls. The title is produced by indies giant Devolver Digital and has no forecast yet to reach other platforms. The game can be purchased on Steam and Xbox Live with 15% off until 7pm today.