death’s door

by Kelvin
death's door

If I told you that a soul reaper crow is the main character in a video game, would you believe it? Probably yes. What if I said it has what it takes to be one of the big indie games of the year?

We still live in a time when the gaming market feels the effects of the pandemic. But one publisher is standing out: Devolver. Its newest release is death’s door and has everything to please gamers.

The game was produced by the studio Acid Nerve, the same one that brought the excellent and fun to the small screen. Titan Souls. know that death’s door was developed by just two people: Mark Foster and David Fenn.


Nothing makes sense

Imagine a game that unites a simple and curious story, with a lot of action and a hint of souls-like? death’s door it’s a real eye candy, with a seemingly simple story. However, over time, the situation gets out of the player’s control and it is necessary to be very calm and patient.

When I started playing the game I was surprised that the story is creative and well told or, as my son said, nothing makes sense in this game, but it’s really cool. He pretty much summed up the whole feeling that surrounds us in the adventure.

The background is a soul-hunting crow. He is the employee of a company that collects these spirits. The player lives in a utopian dimension and, to carry out his work, he uses a door that takes him to the world of the living. However, the plot isn’t just that, I’m just not going to go into much more detail to avoid spoilers that can spoil the players’ fun.

death’s door helps the gamer to reflect on the biggest doubt that exists in humanity and that you’ve probably asked yourself: where do I go after death?

The title creates an excellent reflection on our life, showing a different view than what is normally presented. This entire puzzle will be assembled throughout the adventure. Each piece is found by analyzing each of the characters in the game.


Among the various ingredients present in the game, combat is the flagship, with sensational battles against very well-made opponents. At times, I felt inside Bayonetta, with very creative enemies, which can be a castle in the Gothic style, a witch with a china cabinet on her head or even an octopus in the shape of a ballerina.

At the beginning of the adventure, the gamer has few instruments of battle, such as a sword and a bow and arrow. Being a crow, the player will feel small in front of some enemies. It looks complex and it’s hard to imagine that it’s possible to do well in confrontations. It takes a lot of study and especially total mastery of your hunting crow to be successful, as energy is limited. Every point of life is essential to get everything right throughout the adventure.

The game still has some puzzles to be solved, and most of them end up being done very simply. Some are more complex, requiring further development of your character.


Much of the success of death’s door it’s due to the precise balance between enemies and your crow. The game’s difficulty is just right, making the gamer not get frustrated as in practically all souls-like.

Perhaps the point that leaves something to be desired is that the player can get lost in the map after dying in combat. You’ll have to have a good memory to get to the point where everything was lost.

It would be nice if the game had a map to guide those, who like me, have a hard time finding themselves inside a big scenario. Although the player is a crow, it is not possible to fly, which will bring some limitation on movements, but this does not prevent his agility from being used to create imminent damage situations for the opponent.

All this was only possible due to the excellent synchronism existing with the joystick, which gives absolute control of everything that happens in the scene, regardless of the flood of enemies. The weapons available are simple and, if used correctly, can produce interesting combos. Remember that, by collecting energy, the gamer can improve their combat, making the adventure less complex.

It’s a shame that the variety of weapons is small, leaving the fights little diversified. This makes the player not notice a linear development of their character.

Simple and just right

death’s door does not use spectacular graphics, but an isometric camera, very similar to the one found in Titan Souls. So, the graphics were very well polished, lacking some details for the scenario, which could improve the game even more.

The game runs smooth, even at 4K and 60 FPS. Thus, it is clear that the company did an excellent job of optimization without compromising part of the adventure. In addition, the soundtrack is pleasant and sets the right tone in each environment, making each scene even more different from the other. The bosses have unique tunes and a horde of enemies that make the pitch rise even higher.

It is worth it?

Although death’s door it’s a complex theme, but it’s light and fun, managing to captivate even those who aren’t into very violent games. The crow is friendly and so are his friends. The title has everything to be one of the biggest surprises of the year, with a curious story, a sensational gameplay and combat that will make you train hard before facing that big boss.

Death’s Doors was kindly provided by Devolver to carry out this analysis.