Deck to climb sand 7

by Kelvin

Deck to climb sand 7 3

This game has penetrated the minds of many people in a short time. And it is not surprising since it tends to be too addictive. His battle system, the idea of ​​competing against fiercest enemies and leveling up. This is all part of what forms Clash Royale, the great Supercell game. Here we show you the best deck to climb to arena 7 once and for all.

The cards that make up the deck to climb to arena 7

Clash Royale


You must get used to adaptation and good strategy to be able to beat the best competitors. First of all we tell you that the ideal is that you are already practicing enough to polish skills. You may find yourself stuck in sand 6, but with the next deck we bet you can get out of the stalemate.

Elves of the spear, Magician, Fireball, Freezing, Tesla, Montapuercos, Barbarians and Minions, these son the ideal cards that must be in the deck of someone who wants to enter the arena 7. As you may have noticed, these cards are varied which allows them to adapt to a multitude of strategies.

Learn to play with this deck

The best deck to climb sand 7

It is certainly not enough to just have the mallet, you must learn to use it in the correct way. Do not hurry to launch the best from the beginning, feel the ground with the Elves and wait to see how they respond. Then you can use the wizard to burn any enemy card in a heartbeat. It can also serve to defeat any threat that gets too close to our towers.

Masterfully combines the montapuercos and the freezer to get good damage to the opponent. Barbarians may be used to attack or defend due to their good resistance. The fire bomb is a good option to finish off a tower or if many enemies attack together. If you have the minions, they can eat the arrows that the adversary can throw on his way to victory.

Can only this deck take me to Arena 7?

Clash royale letters

Of course not, due to the large number of cards that exist we recognize that many other combinations could take you to the goal. Of course, a deck with similar characteristics would meet the requirements to be able to grant you the win consistently.

Try new strategies if this is not to your liking, because everyone plays differently. Even though We are confident that you can get the most out of this deck to climb to arena 7.

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