Decorate your nails without having to paint them? Yes you can, with this Canon printer 1There is nothing more cumbersome than painting and removing your nails at home. Those who have the habit of doing so will know. The fact is that there is now a way to wear original nails without using enamels. How? Well, through printable nail stickers.

Yes, you read it right. The Canon printer company has just launched a campaign for the 2019 Rugby World Cup that will delight the most flirtatious and flirtatious. Thus, those who go or follow the event, can customize their hands with a huge collection of printable stickers for nails, all personalized, of course, with the flags and motifs of the selections participating in the world.

The designers of the Canon house, which sponsors the event, they have created a design for each of the 20 countries that compete in this tournament. In these team shields are combined with simple graphic creations, perfect to combine with any outfit, whether or not it is sporty.

Decorate your nails without having to paint them? Yes you can, with this Canon printer 2What needs to be done to print these nail stickers?

Well, it's super simple. Users will have to download the Canon Nail Sticker Creator application, which has been specially created for this purpose and that is available through the Google Play Store or the App Store. To be able to print the designs they will have to use, yes, a compatible Canon inkjet printer and what come to be the printable stickers for the NL-101 nails.


But be careful, I don't just know They will be able to print the nails decorated with motifs of the Rugby selections. Those who are not especially lovers of this sport and prefer to have other designs, will have an interesting selection of up to 180 complementary templates. In fact, in addition to exclusive drawings, within this application there is also the possibility to customize the nails with their own designs.

In this way, personal photos can be added (both yours, other people or even your pets), include illustrations or use other tools to create the designs you like best.

The Nail Sticker Creator app has a wide selection of 180 additional templates to choose from Users can even use the application to add photos of their pets or illustrations, to create their own exclusive designs.

Where to buy the printer and Canon stickers?

As we have indicated, if you want to print these stickers for Canon nails, you must first have done with a printer of the same brand. But calm, what you won't have to buy a printer that is too sophisticated or special only for nails.

The Canon PIXMA TS8250For example, it is a multifunction printer compatible with nail stickers and capable of providing quality home printing service. It works with six inks, which allows us to obtain good results, connect without wires and enjoy, in this case, a curious function such as printing false nails.

If what you want is to print the nails you will also need the printable nail stickers NL-101. They are available in packages of 24 sheets, so you have for a few days and nail changes. Here you can see which are the compatible printers and buy them in the Canon online store for 10.24 euros the package.

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