DeepL, the intelligent translator with version for Windows and Mac

by Kelvin

Although it is not something that opens news or appears on the front page of newspapers, the translation has evolved considerably in recent years thanks to technology. The most popular example is Google’s use of voice and video possibilities to translate what we speak in real time or what appears in a photograph or in a text that we focus with the camera of our phone.

Another front of improvement in translation is the use of artificial intelligence. In this area, we talked about the European project for some time Deepl, created in Germany and that uses AI to improve its translations.


DeepL, the intelligent translator with version for Windows and Mac 4

Compatible with Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian, for now, DeepL is available for free from its official website, where it is possible to paste text or drag a document to translate it in seconds. In addition, it has additional payment options for those who want to use it on a prologue and in professional fields.

Your own desktop app

The last improvement in the project Deepl is to transfer your technology from the Web to the desktop using a tool that we can install in Windows and macOS. Thus, by means of a simple keyboard shortcut we will receive the help of DeepL to translate texts for us regardless of the application we have open at that time.

Example of use. We are reading a Word document in English and do not understand a specific phrase. Since Windows, select that phrase, press the combination twice CTRL + C and DeepL will tell us what it means That phrase in our chosen language. In case of using a Mac with macOS, the combination to be used will be CMD + C twice to copy the text and have DeepL translate it.

DeepL, the intelligent translator with version for Windows and Mac 5

In addition, once we see the translation on the screen we will have the possibility of use it in the document We had open. And if you prefer, the desktop version of DeepL also offers a window where to paste text and see its translation as it offers in its web version.

For the rest, the DeepL desktop version for Windows and macOS offers the same advantages of its online version: fast and accurate translation, synonyms for each term that supports several interpretations, etc.

You will find more information on the official DeepL website and on the DeepL desktop page Windows and Mac.

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