Definition of Defacing and How it Works and How to Prevent Defacing

by Kelvin
Definition of Defacing and How it Works and How to Prevent Defacing

Definition of Defacing

Defacing is included in a web hacking or application program that focuses on changing the appearance of the web and also the physical configuration of the web.

Defacing also sometimes focuses on application programs without having to go through the program source code. While for deface is a result of the cracking process. The technique used is to read the source code, then change the appearance of the image and also edit html / css.


Someone who does this technique will make changes to the home page, index file, as well as other pages that are still linked to one website URL. Activities like this are often carried out by people who are not responsible for the purpose of disrupting these websites and will certainly harm those who own or manage the website.

This web deface can be well launched if found a gap in the protection or security system on the website. One of the characteristics that can be found when someone's web has been affected by defacing is when the appearance changes with the previous appearance. This change certainly has nothing to do with the website's profile and even to the point of displaying inappropriate images or strange and disrespectful messages.

Types of Web Deface

Definition of Defacing is

After knowing the definition of Defacing, we will now explain several types of web deface that are important for you to know:

1. Full of Page

This first web deface means hacking a full page of the victim's website. How to do this web browser hackers must be able to connect to the victim's server so that he can find the root location of the website. After that, the new hacker can do deface by controlling the index file and others in full.

2. Only add to a portion of the page

The second type of deface is that hackers will only add an additional part of the page. For example, hackers will only provide additional writing or images or can also add scripts which will certainly interfere with the website.

This method can be done when the hacker finds if there is a gap in the security system of the website. Typically, hackers will deface using programs such as SQL or database injection.

How it Works Defacing

How it Works Defacing

Website deface or defacing certainly has its own way of working. However, it should be noted that hackers can only deface when there are gaps in the website's security system.

Hackers began looking for security holes, such as HTML entities from the website. If it turns out that security is identified as weak, hackers can easily deface by controlling javascript code.

The purpose of Deface

So what exactly is the purpose of doing this defacing? They certainly have a negative goal even though it is not always those who do this defacing technique wrong.

Usually hackers will go directly to the victim's website if it turns out that the website has committed an offense or is doing things that make a lot of people angry, including the hackers themselves. Case in point is the Malaysian government website which was hit by defacing which is believed to have been carried out by Indonesian hackers.

As for other objectives that lay behind someone to do defacing include:

    Try and try, it means that the person is just learning the defacing technique and trying to find a random victim's website. Want to show that he is someone who is an expert in the field or wants to show off skills. People who do defacing usually want to gain popularity. A person who is defacing with the aim of giving lessons or showing a sense of disappointment, as the case mentioned earlier. Want to get praise.

In essence, the purpose of doing this technique starts from trial and error as well because they are upset, disappointed, or even angry with individuals, groups, or even agencies for words or actions that hurt or hurt the hearts of many people.

How to Prevent Deface

Definition of Defacing and How to Prevent it

Everyone does not want the website affected by deface which will only harm and damage the name of the website. Then how to prevent it? In the following, we will explain some steps that can be taken to prevent a website from attack.

1. Use a CMS that still uses the default settings

The first way that can be done so that our website is not affected by deface is to use a CMS where the settings are still in the default condition. It should be understood that a hacker will not hack a website caused by the website itself, unless our website is well known.

Hackers will start scanning while browsing the internet and then look for and find weaknesses from websites that you have. This is where hackers can start fiddling with your website in accordance with what they want and can even just do deface, but change other things.

2. Use a secure password or username

The second way you can do that is by using a username or password that is certainly safe. Make sure you use a username and password that is unique and strong. This will make hackers difficult and can't even enter your website. You also use a generator and then save your password.

3. Perform regular backups

How to prevent deface that is no less effective is to do regular backups. When someone's website has been defaced, the most effective way is to back up. That way, the website admin can get back online.

Thus information about the definition of Defacing and how it works, and how to prevent Defacing. May be useful.