Deleted programs reappear on restart Windows – Solution

by Kelvin
Deleted programs reappear on restart Windows - Solution

There are several reasons why programs can appear over and over again after uninstallation. Some of them can be easily solved, while solving other problems requires much more advanced methods to keep uninstalled programs.

Deleted programs reappear on restart Windows

Is it a work, school or someone else’s computer?

The first thing we need to know is that often computers that are used by multiple people (eg one at work, one at school, etc.) are usually monitored so that no one can make changes without permission. For example, it can be the system administrator himself, who manages it from a central computer, or tools such as Deep Freeze can be used to freeze the hard disk state, and it is restored every time the PC is turned on.


In the event that we are faced with such a situation, we will not be able to do anything. Since the computer is under someone’s control, all we can do is talk to the system administrator and ask him to make the necessary changes. But, in the end, it is up to him to decide whether to remove the software or not.

Applications Windows defaults are reinstalled over and over

Windows 10 comes standard with its own programs and its own adware … And the safest thing is that we are not interested in having them on the PC. Most of these programs can be uninstalled like any other software if they are not required by the operating system. But of course Windows 10 will try to install them again as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Very often you can find applications that we removed after updating and installing a new version. Windows… These big updates, which usually come every 6 months, reinstall the operating system on top of ours (subject to changes) and hence the apps we uninstalled will reappear.

There is not much we can do about this, just uninstall them again and wait for the next update.

Unwanted programs get installed over and over again

Another very common reason why a program can appear over and over again is virus … This happens, for example, when adware that installs adware, unwanted software on the PC, or when a fake antivirus tries to “keep us safe,” infiltrates our computer.

These programs, even if we remove them from the PC, usually leave resident services that, when turned off and on again, cause them to be reinstalled. Therefore, it is almost impossible to erase them and so that they do not appear again.

Generally speaking, these programs are considered “malware” and are therefore easily included in most anti-malware solutions. One of the most common is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Apart from removing the fake antivirus, it will also uninstall the program that will automatically reinstall the unwanted program.

Tips for Force Removal of Rogue Programs

It may also happen that the program is not reinstalled, but we cannot uninstall it directly. This could be for two reasons. On the one hand, because we have a problem with PC permissions, and therefore we cannot uninstall programs. On the other hand, the program itself is somewhat persistent.

Error desinstalar programa

Update programs before uninstalling

It may seem strange, but it may happen that the problem is precisely that, due to an error in the version we are using, the software cannot be removed or its entry in the registry has been deleted. When program update, we will download the latest version of it (presumably no glitch) and the software information in the operating system will be updated again. Therefore, after the update, we can remove it.

Use an administrator account

If we don’t have administrator account on the computer, this may be another reason why we cannot remove the programs. Therefore, you need to perform this task with administrator rights. Either run the uninstaller with these permissions, or log on with an account with rights to uninstall the program.

Use the advanced uninstaller of the program

When we install a program on a computer, it usually creates an uninstaller from which we can remove it. However, what if not? What if we can’t find a way to uninstall the program?

If it is a portable program that has not been installed on the PC, we can remove it by deleting its folder, there is nothing more to do. However, if this is an installed program, then you will have to resort to a specialized uninstaller … These programs usually use more advanced methods to remove programs, and they help us keep our computer much cleaner. An example of such programs is, for example, Revo Uninstaller.

Clean up malware Windows

What about malware or junk that Windows installs by default on every update? From the uninstall panel itself, we can of course remove it. Or we can also do it by right clicking on it in the Start Menu. But we can also resort to using programs like 10AppsManager to help us remove all these unwanted apps. Windowsthat are installed over and over again with the operating system.