Detail on Samsung headphones Galaxy Note 10

by Kelvin

After its presentation in early August, some detail has emerged in the headphones of the Samsung couple Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, is that; A few days ago it was discovered that the Type C USB headphones signed by AKG, included in the device box could have a noise cancellation system.

However, to tell the truth, advanced technology is much more and what more to expect, that the new devices have that capacity.


It should be noted that the detail is in; that they will only have the exclusive to own this system, the new headphones, which will be presented in the official store of the company; which must be purchased separately. Thing that has everyone very disappointed, is that; indeed, it was expected that if they could own that system.

On the other hand, the headphones that the devices include in their boxes; They are a standard model, with the AKG seal, which is the same as the one included in the Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy Note  10, use headphones without noise cancellation.

Not only the noise canceling headphones, they were missing in the device box

That's right, you can say; that the devices will also not include in their box included, the USB-C adapter of the 3.5mm Jack.

Well, the company knows how to play well, because if the strategy is necessary to buy these products in the official store, it would be a gain for it.

What would cause users impotence, is that; If the devices are of a very high value, after having bought them, the cost of the headphones and the adapter is also high. In fact, it is not known, since they have not yet been published on the web.

It is only expected not to be a very high cost, given that; If users do not capture this detail on time, it could cost much more than expected.

Source: Andro4all

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