Detective León hunts all the summer rolls of his town and publishes them in Instagram

by Kelvin

Detective León is an account that breaks the old motto of "what happens in town, stays in town"

If you have grown up in a town, surely you know the rule. What happens in town, stays in town. I mean, that you have your life in the city, but there you always have pending accounts or an intermittent summer story. Or maybe you already got over it and you don't go to that. In the villages things always happen and where things happen, there are paparazzi because there are also gossips. All this, this time, is summed up with two words: Detective León, an account of Instagram They have launched this summer in Olba, a town in Teruel that, at its own pace, does not stop growing.


It all started last year, when Javi's rock, which studies oppositions for the 25-year-old Fire Department, started a WhatsApp group to pass on the breaking news of their generation colleagues. Photos and comments of who was involved with whom were shared so that no one was missing a topic of conversation when they go down to the pool in the morning. And this year, with the nonsense, they have launched Detective Leon, "Immediate Confidences 24h! ", Which owes its name to the character of Amador, from which is coming." It has had more repercussion than we thought because we began to follow people from the villages next door and then we have begun to follow they too, "says Javi, one of the drivers of the idea.

The account, for now, It has 185 followers, a madness in a town that officially has 226 inhabitants, according to the last census that, like so many places in Spain emptied does not stop losing population (one hundred years ago, there lived 1,600 people). But in summer there are many more, especially the week of the holidays. Most of his followers are young, grandchildren of workers who moved to Barcelona and Valencia, like those of Javi. But older people, like their parents' age, have also begun to follow them. "We didn't even know they had Instagram, but everyone likes to find out what's going on, "he explains.

Its network of reporters has also grown. Now they have the help of their followers, who pass them material even from other villages, and even ladies who see the gossip pass in front of their window, like a grandmother who sent them a photo from inside her house that they published a few days ago. "Good morning peñita !!! Every time we have to be more crouched to take the photos, but we always catch everything, you know it! This photo is given to us by a grandmother from the town and how the experience shows! It is always a grade! Hehe The curtains have EYES !!!", says the copy that accompanies it, which needs neither names nor labels. Its greatest success is the stories, which they update continuously.

But the million dollar question is: what about the old custom of the people? "It's just for fun and joking," he says, "Some rollers that are very strong cannot be uploaded because the idea is not to make anyone angry and if someone has a partner, I don't upload it either. "The controversy is thrown, of course." I got a picture where I don't see much. We were talking and now, "says Adriana, a 26-year-old graphic designer from Barcelona who has already premiered at Detective León.

"It was funny to me. It is a thing of the people, that everything is known, and I have nothing to hide but there are people who have complained, although it did not come out," he says. Immediately it was known who was behind the account began to appear who said "don't take me out", says Adriana, "a thousand things always happen in the villages and everyone ends up finding out everything. Although it is now more graphic, it is a joke."

One of the last exclusives of Detective León was the roll of the lifeguard of the municipal swimming pool, which has become the topic of conversation. You've seen? Have you heard? Well, the same old story, but with the risk of going viral. The lesson is clear: there are fewer and fewer places to hide, but eyes have always been, so if you have something to hide, you better keep yourself from the cameras, which is now the same as saying that you keep absolutely everyone . You know: "secret of one, of none; of two, know God; of three, secret is not".

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