Deutsche Telekom: At least 50 Mbit / s for 30 million households in sight

by Kelvin
Deutsche Telekom: Mindestens 50 Mbit/s für 30 Mio. Haushalte in Sicht

Picture: Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom announces a milestone in broadband deployment: allegedly 30 million households are said to be "in these days"Now be connected via the network of Telekom with at least 50 Mbit / s. In addition, 1.1 million households are already directly connected to the fiber-optic network via FTTH.

With the connections over the copper lines the span at the speed ranges from 50 Mbit / s up to 250 Mbit / s, which realizes the Telekom by means of Super Vectoring. For Telekom itself, it is now officially the bridge technology on the way to direct fiber optic connection.


Via FTTH Telekom has now connected 1.1 million households. The Bonn-based group therefore describes itself as the largest FTTH provider in Germany. In terms of absolute numbers, however, this would only account for around 20 percent of the nationwide available fiber optic connections. As the Breko Marktanalyse19 recently clarified, Germany has a total of about 5 million FTTB / H connections. 80 percent of them are therefore from the competitors.

Telekom demands more acceptance for new transfer procedures

However, the connections with 50 Mbit / s are not yet available across the board, but given the good 40 million private households, Telekom would cover around 75 percent. Next is also the expansion of fiber optic networks. For network operators like the Telekom this means civil engineering is required. That is and remains expensive. In classic civil engineering, the telecom called average cost of 70,000 euros per kilometer of fiber.

Like other industry representatives, the Bonn-based company is again calling for more acceptance for alternative transfer procedures. These include, for example, trenching and flushing holes. The intelligent shared use of existing municipal infrastructure and above-ground laid fiber optic cable should become more common, according to Telekom.

Corresponding demands come for example from associations such as the Breko. The association also wants a simplified bureaucracy. For example, municipalities should name a single contact person for expansion projects so that the network operators no longer "from Pontius to Pilate"Have to run to get the approval.

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