Developers ask Apple "Low Power" mode for MacBook

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Developers ask Apple "Low Power" mode for MacBook

Demanding developers Apple which implements "Low consumption mode"on their MacBooks, in the same way that companies offer on their mobile devices such as the iPhone. According to the developers, when activating this mode, the battery of the device will increase dramatically, and that is the autonomy of the MacBook Pro 16 inches can increase by about 30-50 percent in terms of activation.

With a low-power mode that is automatically created for the MacBook, Maximum CPU power consumption is reduced by 62 percent, which also reduces temperature. With Turbo Boost turned off, the laptop stays cool most of the time or is the warmest at best, and therefore the fans never change the sound, making silence an added bonus.

Best of all, despite the reduction in processing power, low-power mode for MacBook doesn't really slow down the system. This means that general users of such devices will be able to do the same without affecting performance. Unfortunately Turbo Boost Switcher Pro It works using an old kernel extension that might not be compatible with the next version of MacOS, and that's why developers and corporate enthusiasts are asking that they officially launch an option that allows you to enable low-power mode for MacBooks. , something very useful when speed is not the main requirement.

via: Wccftech


Developers ask Apple "Low Power" mode for MacBook 1

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