Developers complain about Google Play Pass and its benefits

by Kelvin
Los desarrolladores se quejan de Google Play Pass y sus beneficios

Google Play Pass is Google’s premium app service. Something like Netflix, but for paid applications and games within the Play Store. In Pro Android we have informed you of the different sections of this service, but what we see today, is the criticism of it by application developers. Google Play Pass gives us access to hundreds of applications for just $ 4.99 per month. All these applications are paid, as are the games, so the developers of them must receive something in return. It is here that your complaint arises.

The purpose of Google Play Pass is put at our disposal a good number of quality games and applications. Basically, it is worth paying that monthly fee. The problem is that the way Google will pay developers to include their applications and games in this service will not help that purpose at all. Basically, because Google will pay them according to the time that each user spends within their app.


The Google Play Pass payment system will favor less elaborate games

There is something about Android games that makes us get hooked on the most basic ones, those that have simpler mechanics and that have no end but to exceed our own score. That is the type of applications that could benefit most from Google Play Pass, as we have seen, the developers will take a commission according to the amount of time that a user spends within their app, so the most addictive applications will be more rewarded than others that focus on quality. This is mainly oriented towards video games.

How do I make money?

Developers charge a commission as a result of the time that subscribers spend in their application and account as users value all types of content (from an app of time to endless games). We will be continuously modifying the model so that the rewards are as fair as possible.

This method of charging has not liked developers, because if a game is not as popular as another or simply is not as addictive (which does not have to be worse), it will cause the developer to charge a lower commission. Up to a point it makes sense, but in this way the quantity is more premium than the quality. Something similar to what Spotify did a while ago, as artists charge for the number of reproductions, which has caused the average length of songs to fall dramatically to improve in this section.

Developers complain about Google Play Pass and its benefits 2

We will see how Google reacts to this situation. We understand that it is somewhat complicated to value, but perhaps have a committee that decide a criterion for each application based on the quality of it. Basically, it would be the best way we can think of to ensure that Google Play Pass content is of quality and not "empty" applications whose only advantage is not having advertising.

Source | IGN

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