Devil May Cry 5, Age of Empires and other games hit Xbox Game Pass

by Kelvin

In addition to the recent Devil May Cry 5, the Blair Witch game will be available on Xbox Game Pass as it launches on August 30.

THE Microsoft held an event of the Inside Xbox during Gamescom 2019 and announced several news to the gaming industry. Among the highlights, Devil May Cry 5 and Age of Empires available from today to Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with titles for PRAÇA and Xbox one. In addition, other games will arrive on the platform in the coming days and include blockbuster titles such as Dead cells, Estellaris and Blair witch . Check out the full list below:

Xbox Inside Brings New Titles to Xbox Game Pass

Devil May Cry 5 – Available Now

One of the greatest successes of Capcom released in March this year, Devil May Cry 5 continues the saga of the half-hearted half-human half demon protagonist, Dante. The game also brings back the character Nero, who was the main character in the fourth game of the saga, released in 2008. The title can now be purchased by subscribers in Xbox one; subscribers to PRAÇA should receive soon.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition – Now Available

The classic strategy game comes to the Xbox Game Pass in its remastered version. The series became a hit in the late 1990s with its intuitive and dynamic formula consisting of expanding its own empire with medieval-era war tactics. With a redesigned look, fans can now enjoy the game in the PC service catalog.

Stellaris: Console Edition – Now Available

Developed by Paradox Development Studio, the game puts the player to explore space by managing an intergalactic empire. Originally released for the PC, the game features a procedurally generated universe, meaning it generates phases and challenges at random, creating a unique experience for each player.

Ape Out – August 22

In Ape Out, you must help a gorilla escape from enemies in the best style. beat ’em up, which enshrined classics like Final fight and Streets of Rage. Ape out It has top camera view, reminiscent of the early GTA. Developed by Gabe Cuzzillo, the game caught the eye for its rudimentary look and frantic gameplay.

Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut – August 27

The fourth chapter of the saga Bard’s also comes to Xbox Game Pass In August. The series is known for its rich combat system and player-challenging puzzles. Released in 2018, the version Director’s Cut features improvements based on feedback of the players.

Blair Witch – August 30

Inspired by the namesake horror movie, The Blair Witch was announced this year during E3. The game will be available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Same day of release: August 30th. The game also gained a new trailer during the suspenseful conference.

Dead Cells – September 5

Arriving at Xbox Game Pass In the beggining of september, Dead cells is a 2D game in the best style metroidvania. In it the player controls an immortal soul that ends up possessing corpses to explore the scenarios full of enemies. The map is also generated of procedural formality, changing each time the protagonist dies. Much of its success is due to its addictive mechanics that resemble style games. hack'n slash.

What is the Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass will win new gamesXbox Game Pass will win new games

The subscription service of Microsoft works similar to Netflix, for example. You can choose from three monthly plans:

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC – R $ 13.99;
  • Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One – R $ 29.00;
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox Live Gold + Game Pass for PC and Xbox One) – $ 39.99.

The monthly plan entitles you to over 100 update-guaranteed games every month. As Xbox Live Gold, the user can play in Multiplayer mode and still get two free games per month.

Has the Game Live Pass and are you excited to play the new titles? Leave your opinion in the comments.