Digiwise, the economic insurance for your iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin
Digiwise, the economic insurance for your iPhone and iPad 1

Protect your devices Apple with Digiwise insurance

In your daily life you are surrounded by many people and things you want to take care of and protect, you the first or the first. There is your family, the people you love most. There are the things that help you live like tucoche, your home. We all protect them in many ways and one of them is with insurance. We have insurance for the car in case we have an accident, insurance for the house in case there is a problem with the water, with thefts … And your iPhone or iPad? They are two objects that you use every day. Objects that make your life easier, that put you in touch with your family, with companies, with friends. Objects that have become almost indispensable.

You go down the street and they call you. You take out the phone and it slips. It falls to the ground and it has only been a small blow. You may have a protective case but not that is not synonymous that the fall will not affect you. And you duck with the confidence that nothing has happened to you. That it has fallen so that it has not affected the crystal. Such an expensive and useful device becomes something useless in a very short time. And you wonder,why I won't have it insured? If you want to have good, economical and reliable insurance, Digiwise offers you insurance for your devices at very competitive prices.


Digiwise, the economic insurance for your iPhone and iPad 2

Digiwise, good insurance doesn't have to be expensive

Digiwise is a Dutch company that operates in Spain from its headquarters in Barcelona. It allows you to secure your technology products whether they are mobile phones such as the iPhone, tablets such as the iPad, laptops such as the MacBook and also smartwatchs such as the Watch. And the whole process can be done from their website. Choose which device or devices you want to insure, what type of coverage and you will instantly know the annual premium you will have to pay to protect it.

If you buy the insurance for iPhone with Digiwise, you will have the policy by e-mail in a few minutes. From the moment you pay the premium, your device will be insured. In case of accident, you will have a landline (not a 902) to give you information on the steps you must follow to repair your mobile or tablet.

Choose what coverage you want for your iPhone or iPad

Digiwise offers two coverages for you to secure your devices: one standard coverage and optional coverage.

Standard coverage. The standard coverage will cover the following claims:

  • Damage due to blows and falls.
  • Water damage.
  • It has international coverage.
  • Repair service.
  • Fraudulent calls made from the device.

Digiwise, the economic insurance for your iPhone and iPad 3

You can improve the standard coverage by choosing, at a slightly higher cost, the optional coverage.

Optional coverage. The optional coverage is added to the standard coverage and offers you:

  • Stole
  • Extended warranty (when the official warranty has been completed).

How the premium is calculated and insurance is contracted with Digiwise

From the Digiwise page, click on the Calculate your premium of the device you want to insure button. You must choose the type of product (phone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch), the brand (manufacturer), the model and the coverage you want to hire. You can pay a monthly or annual premium (the annual premium comes out a little cheaper than the monthly one since you pay only 11 months).

Fill in your personal information and device information and pay through payment gateways that Digiwise offers you with the most common Spanish banks such as Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Sabadell, Bankia and many more or via credit card VISA, MasterCard or American Express. After payment, you will receive the insurance policy of your device in no time.

Digiwise, the economic insurance for your iPhone and iPad 4

More advantages of hiring your policy with Digiwise

If only the price has not been interesting to you, Digiwise offers you more advantages when you take out insurance with them. These advantages are:

  • Quick: Hiring insurance will only take a few minutes. The documentation of the policy will arrive to your e-mail almost instantly.
  • Easy: Hire your insurance in just three steps.
  • Transparent: There are no added costs to your policy. What you see when calculating the premium is what you pay.
  • Economic: As an ad said. "Search, compare and …" It is much cheaper than the insurance offered by telephone companies or other insurers.
  • Flexible: You can take out insurance for your device up to six months after its purchase.
  • Without permanence: You can take out the insurance month by month and you can cancel it at any time.


Digiwise breaks into the insurance market by bringing a breath of fresh air to the market. Its ease of hiring, the coverage it offers and its economic price will ensure that all your devices are insured against falls, misuse and even theft.

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