Disable ads in MIUI 11 On | ROOTLESS – Updated

by Kelvin
Disable ads in MIUI 11 On | ROOTLESS - Updated

Good morning friend we know that Xiaomi It is a well-established fact in our country, and that our community is always thirsty for news and guidance on the terminals of Chinese companies. Today we will meet together, also thanks to the video guide, how to disable ads in MIUI 11. Everything without having root rightsY without having to unlock the bootloader.

Just follow this simple guide to remove the most hated ads from the interface. For problems or inaccuracies, you can contact us through the comment box below.

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Disable ads in MIUI 11 On | System

The first thing you should do is remove ads from the system and MIUI 11 in particular.However, this change will not affect the Xiaomi app that has been previously installed.

  1. First, you need to open the application SETTINGS and continue PASSWORD AND SECURITY

  2. Scroll through the menus until you reach the last paragraph and select the item AUTHORIZATION AND REVOCATION

  3. Find entries in the list msa and continue to revoke the authorization

  4. Back to menu PASSWORD AND SECURITY and scroll to the entrance PRIVACY

  5. Select AD SERVICE (AD) at the bottom of the page

  6. Inside you will only find articles of PERSONAL ADVERTISING. Disable him

  7. Open it Google Play Store and download the application of your choice

  8. After installing the application, wait to press "Open", but click on the SETTINGS icon in the upper right corner

  9. Disable RECEPTOR CONTAINER items

Disable ads in MIUI 11 On | XIAOMI APP

As said, we need to repeat the same simple steps for this application: safety. File manager. My browser. download it. Themes. music Y Record my video.

Security application

  1. Open the Xiaomi app SECURITY

  2. Click on the icon SETTINGS up to the right

  3. Scroll to disable the entry. RECEPTION COUNCIL

File manager application

  1. Open the Xiaomi app FILE MANAGER

  2. Click on the "hamburger" menu symbol in the upper left corner and select the menu SETTINGS

  3. Click on the entry INFORMATION

  4. Disable the first entry, SUGGESTION

My Browser application

  1. Open the Xiaomi app BROWSER MI

  2. Open the menu in the upper right corner and select the icon SETTINGS

  3. Open entry PRIVACY & SECURITY

  4. Disable option PERSONALIZED SERVICE

Application download

  1. Open the Xiaomi app DOWNLOADS

  2. Click on the three dots on the right and then on SETTINGS

  3. Mute the sound DISPLAY SUGGESTIONS

Theme application

  1. Open the Xiaomi app Topic

  2. Select tab MY ACCOUNT

  3. to choose SETTINGS and mute the sound SUGGESTION

Music app

  1. Open the Xiaomi app Music

  2. Open the menu on the left and select the item. SETTINGS

  3. Select entry ADVANCED SETTINGS

  4. Disable option RECEPTION COUNCIL

My Video Application

  1. Open the Xiaomi app I am VIDEO

  2. Open tab PROFILE and choose SETTINGS

  3. Disable option Online tips

App wizard

  1. If you have activated itApp wizard from Settings> Start> Activate Application Wizard
  2. Scroll left on Start to enter the Application Wizard page and click the button SETTINGS
  3. In the list of links, uncheck RECOMMENDED

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