Disable Notifications on Android Without Complications

by Kelvin
Logotipo de Android con fondo azul y rayo

The notifications They are very useful on phones and tablets with Android, since thanks to them the activity that occurs in the different applications-and games- that are used is known. Of course, in some cases it is sought that you are do not appear and you may not know how to get it, something that we are going to show is really simple.

The truth is that contrary to what happens with other operating systems, getting disabled notifications of an application or game on the devices that use Google's development is really simple – especially in the last two versions of the work created by those of Mountain view. Therefore, the complications that existed years ago to achieve this are something of the past, which is excellent news.


Android firewall settings

The fact is that by doing this, you earn in tranquility in the day to day, since the novelties are simply seen in the case that is so decided and the corresponding development is opened. In this way, problems watching movies or having dinner with the family will not have. Also, and this is really important: thanks to avoid that notifications appear, I don't know lose concentration in the case of working or studying.

Disable notification of notifications on Android

If you wish prevent them from seeing each other notifications on the screen of the phone or tablet (and, even, that the usual sound notices are reproduced), what you have to do is take the following steps to follow the path that we believe is currently easier to achieve this:

  • Check the notifications you have in the corresponding thermal bar (swipe down this one) and among the notifications you have choose the one you want to not appear anymore – check that it is not an important application or game for you
  • Now make the gesture of dragging to the left, but do not complete the entire screen, stay more or less in the middle. Now the configuration options for the notifications of the particular chosen development appear on the right. Click on the icon that represents a cogwheel
  • At this moment a message appears in which you must use the link that is called Stop Notifications. Once this is done, you will not see a notice of this development again if you do not change the existing configuration.
  • It is possible that by doing this you will enter a new screen in which you configure several parameters of the application in question – it depends on the Android version. In this case you must disable the slider called Show notifications
  • You will have finished

Other options you should know on your Android

One of the important ones is that as you can see next to the gear icon, there is another one with clock shape. This is used, if pressed, to disable notifications for a certain period of time. Use it and a message appears indicating that nothing will be seen for one hour, but if you want to change the time, swipe the card down and then you can choose possibilities such as thirty minutes or two hours. It's up to you.

If the changes you have made do not convince you, it is always possible to vary the set configuration using the General Settings of the Android phone or tablet. Enter Applications and Notifications – the name may be different, but it will not be very different – and then Application Notifications And then you can set the parameters you want. Therefore, in this way you will receive all the notices again if you wish (you have to go development by development).