Disco Elysium police rolazo will go on sale next month

by Kelvin
Disco Elysium police rolazo will go on sale next month

He Old school RPG He is living an excellent time in video games. Games like Divinity: Original Sin II recover the classic spirit of the pencil and the paper that abounded so much in the 90's. Now it's the turn of ZA / UM.

Elysium disk, formerly known as No Truce With The Furies, already has a release date, and will be neither more nor less than the October 15th. It will come out on both Steam and GOG. We leave here your new trailer.


It is a very particular role play. Here we do not create a character based on choosing his race and class, but we embody a amnesic police prefixed whose personality (and image) we will build throughout the trip.

Its creators promise that, at the level of interaction and freedom of possibilities, it will be one of the titles more faithful to the classic table role. So much so that not only the dialogues affect the plot, but the own skills that we are acquiring, which even can you talk to us to incite us to make some or other decisions.

Yes, as you read, the skills speak to you. The narrative and the playable seems to be conjugated quite solvent. Elysium disk He wants us to dive into his world and be part of him and all his tribulations. They ensure there are ramifications to bore you and tens of hours of content.

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