Discord's new Live Streaming feature will arrive this week

by Kelvin
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Discord will launch this August 15 its new live streaming function called "Go Live", and unlike other products of the company, it is not intended to compete with other platforms in the field, as in the case of streaming Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc., but is more oriented towards sharing our games with friends only.

Go Live will allow you to stream our game live with just one click, and we can interact through voice chat with everyone who enters. The interesting thing about this is that there is a limit of 10 people, who must be within our Discord friends.


Discord's new Live Streaming feature will arrive this week 1

Our friends can join from the web client or the application to Windows, since it will not be available from the mobile application at its launch, although in a future update.

Regarding the transmission quality, users with a free account will be able to transmit at 720p 30FPS, while users with Nitro Classic can transmit at 1080p 60FPS, and users with Nitro can transmit at 4K 60FPS.

The deployment of the function will begin on August 15, although it will only be for some users. Little by little more users will be added, and it is expected that two weeks later all users will have it enabled.

What do you think about the new Go Live feature of Discord?

Source: PCGamesN

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