Discount Koogeek products compatible with HomeKit

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Koogeek Smart Plug

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<p><strong>Koogeek is one of the most popular brands</strong> in the field of smart home. The company has a range of products designed to make our house smarter, in addition to making our lives a little easier. Quality products, easy to use and that fit millions of homes, but with good prices at all times.</p>
<p>Also, from time to time we meet <strong>promotions on your products</strong>, as it happens now. Since we find discounts on a selection of Koogeek products for the home in Amazon. A good opportunity to obtain these products at the best price in a limited way.</p>
<h2><span id=Koogeek door and window sensor

This sensor that we can use on doors and windows It is one of the most popular products of the company. It stands out for being the most versatile option, since it can be used in many situations. We can place it in doors or windows as a security product, to know if someone tries to enter the house. Also so that when a door is opened the light comes on in a room or even in closets.

A very versatile product therefore, which also stands out because it works with Apple HomeKit, something that certainly allows a much more comfortable use of it at all times. Since it will be able to be integrated into the users smart home system. In addition to allowing you to control everything from the app on the phone and see at all times if someone has tried to enter.

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In this Koogeek promotion in Amazon we can buy for only 20.09 euros instead of € 29.99. To get it at this price we have to use this discount code: 3LFDZEPD It will be available until August 30. Do not let it escape!

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Koogeek Smart Strip 3 Plugs

Koogeek power strip 3 plugs

Another of Koogeek's most popular products is this smart power strip that has three outlets in total. Thanks to it we will be able to control at all times the devices that we connect to the same. This allows us to be able to turn on, off or program the operation of these devices easily, using the company's app. Even without needing to be at home or in that room.

In addition, as usual in brand products, it works with Apple HomeKit It is also compatible with Google Assistant, which will therefore allow us to control this strip with voice controls easily using the assistants. A really comfortable use, which allows us to know if a device is working or not. Its configuration is also very simple.

We can get it with discount in this promotion of Koogeek products in Amazon, using this discount code: SFFHRM95. It will be possible until August 30 at 20:00 in this case. In this way, we can buy it at a price of 41.99 euros instead of the 55.99 euros it usually costs.

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Koogeek smart plug with WiFi

Koogeek Smart Plug

Another product of enormous utility for our house is this smart plug from Koogeek. Thanks to it we will be able to control any device that we have connected to it. Thus, it will be possible to turn on, off or program its operation. We can do it from a distance, without being in that room or even without having to be at home. In addition, its configuration is very simple.

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One of the advantages it gives us is that it has WiFi and that it is Alexa compatible or Google Assistant. Therefore, we will be able to control it using any of these assistants at home, using its applications. We also have the Koogeek application available, which allows us to use it at all times, allowing us to control whether it is on or not.

We can obtain it with discount in this promotion in Amazon, using this discount code: 2RZJKXKK that will be available until August 30 at 20:00. So you have time to use it. In addition, we can get a discount based on the units we buy:

  • If we buy a unit, its price is 10.49 euros instead of € 13.99
  • If we buy two units of the strip, its price goes from 23.99 to 17.99 euros
  • When buying three units, its price goes from 43.99 euros to only 32.99 euros

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LED light strip

Discount Koogeek products compatible with HomeKit 1

Finally we find this Koogeek LED strip of light. It is a most versatile product that can help us transform a stay at home in a simple way in all kinds of situations. Since we can use it when we are watching a movie, playing with the console or if we have dinner. The LED lighting of this strip has more than 1,600 colors, which allows us to adapt to all kinds of situations.

In addition, we can control it at all times using the Koogeek application on the phone, to be able to manage the intensity or colors. A detail that is important is that being LED, its energy consumption is reduced, which allows us to use it for longer without worrying about the bill in this case. It is also compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant, for a more comfortable use at all times.

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We can buy this strip at a price of only 28.07 euros (reduced from 35.99 euros) in this promotion in Amazon. To obtain it at this price we have to use this discount code: 8859HYDA that we will be able to use until August 30 at 20:00. Do not miss this promotion.

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