Discount up to € 355 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Renove Plan

by Kelvin
Discount up to € 355 on the Samsung Galaxy Note  10: Renove Plan

Discount up to € 355 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Renove Plan 2

After the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G, Samsung has not wasted time and has announced the start of the mobile pre-purchase period in Spain. From yesterday 8 to August 23, those who wish may make the reservation of the terminal and benefit from the Samsung Renove program. This program allows you to obtain a benefit after an assessment of the old smartphone delivered to acquire the new model of the company during the reservation period.

Reservation Galaxy Note 10

With a official price from 959 euros, Whether you make the pre-purchase through the Samsung online store or in a store in the different Samsung operators and establishments, you can get a previous assessment of your old smartphone by Brightstar and thus know the savings you can get. At the time of acquiring the new Galaxy Note 9 through the online store, You will have a direct discount of € 100.


Subsequently, Samsung will pay you the amount in which the device has been valued once delivered. The best thing is that the company admits "a lot of mobile devices", which seems to indicate that it includes terminals of other brands, just like last year. To get an idea, delivering a Galaxy S8 in good condition you can take € 120 + € 100 of the reservation on the Samsung website, so the Note 10 would cost you € 220 cheaper. And so on up to a maximum limit of 355 euros discount.

Samsung Renove operation

Likewise, Samsung offers the possibility of financing at 0% up to a maximum of 24 months the purchase of the device and to protect it, without additional cost, with the insurance for smartphones of the company, Samsung Mobile Care. To know if your mobile phone enters the Samsung Renewal Plan and the exact amount they would give you for it, enter this link and enter the terminal's IMEI number – it is usually in Settings> About Phone, or else Dial * # 06 # on the mobile. After answering some questions you will get the assessment.

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