Discover how to install Play Store on Xiaomi

by Kelvin

Discover how to install Play Store on Xiaomi 3

The new Xiaomi Mi A1 devices have the Android One operating system, the new alternative of the Chinese brand. Currently installing Play Store on Xiaomi Mi A1 is possible from your store "My Store". If you own one and would love to enjoy the Play Store we will show you how to download it.

It is possible to install Play Store on Xiaomi

play store in xiaomi from your store, my store


The mobile devices of the Xiaomi company give you the possibility to install the store “Google Play Store" The process is fast and very simple. Xiaomi A1 phones bring Android One, which is a version of the Android system.

Android One is advertised as the most natural and effective Android version that exists. This novelty will make this new mobile phone sold worldwide. With this system you will eliminate language problems, ROM and services that bring you buying it unofficially.

You have free access to Google services such as the Google Maps assistant or Google Assistant and many more. They are known as the safest since security software is regularly updated. It also has built-in Google Play Protect.

Do you want to have Google Play Store on your Xiaomi ?: follow the instructions

By just following a few steps you will be ready to use this store and they are as follows:

  • Open the “Mi Store” store of your Xiaomi mobile.
  • In the search engine type Google and click on the blue image.
  • The Google Play app will throw you.
  • Immediately all the Google services that you must download will appear. Through Google Services Framework you can download Google services such as Google Play Services, Contacts, Google Account Manager.
  • After installing everything in the correct way, the icon will appear on your screen Google Play Store.

Opening a Google account will make your way to the Google Play Store

If at the end of the process of installing Play Store on Xiaomi everything works correctly proceed to open a Google account. You need to log in with a Gmail account. With this you can enter the official applications to download the one you want. You will also have the privilege of accessing all kinds of movies, songs and videos from the Google platform.

Finally you are ready to enter this famous store and download games and programs for Android officially.

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