If you are one of those who wonder how instagrammers, youtubers and other influencers that you follow in your social networks get money, here is a new answer. And it seems that advertising investments and campaigns with brands are not enough to keep the industry of these profiles full of followers. Now a new platform poses a different way to monetize the number of followers or the fame of these celebrities. It's called Cleb and it's an application of custom messages.


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Thus, under the excuse of put celebrities and users in direct contact, a new business model is generated that seeks to make money through something that was already present in social networks. Or do you send private for Instagram A celebrity was not done anymore? What about mentioning in Twitter Someone to answer or attend to something is new? Of course, in this case, the idea is to propose that the celebrity send a video message with reasons of encouragement, support, or of any kind. A good excuse to surprise the couple, a friend or a family member with a message from one of their favorite celebrities. Of course, in this case by payment.

This is how Cleb works

It is enough that the user goes through the web or download the Cleb application on their Android mobile or iPhone. From here you can search for a Cleb or celebrity to record a video with your request. Just look for the desired one and complete a simple form. Here you can specify if the video we want you to record be it for ourselves or for someone different. We can also comment on what we want him to say or what topic he talks about.

Once this is done we request the reservation of the video in Cleb, which analyzes the request over a maximum of 7 days. The reservation does not entail cost, but part of the payment of our credit card is already withdrawn. A mandatory management to carry out all this. If the request is accepted, The cleb usually has a period of a couple of days to record a video that usually does not last more than two minutes. There is no fixed duration, so it depends on the creativity and expertise of the influencer.

When the video has already been recorded, Cleb's service takes it to the user who requested it. It's here when the request is charged. So the user keeps the video of the famous on duty, Cleb charges his commission and the influencer agency the money.


The business behind Cleb

The Cleb application and website is an intermediary platform that handles the contact and management of user requests. That is, they receive the forms of those who want to contact a celebrity. They also include the topic that influencers should talk about or to whom the video in question should be directed. In addition, they manage the delivery via email and through the application, so that the user can download the video and share it with the special person.

For this job they keep 30 percent of the payment What does the user do to the celebrity on duty? Plus the corresponding VAT. A variable price that depends on what the Cleb or influencer decides to charge for these services, since they can choose the amount at pleasure. To do this, and as they comment on the Cleb website, they can be based on the number of followers of their social accounts or other scales that can be customized.

Browsing the Cleb website we have found names as picturesque and varied as Carmen Lomana, who asks for 20 euros for customizing a message that does not reach two minutes long. There is also the footballer Álvaro Arbeloa, who in his case raises the cache to 30 euros for his own. Cheaper is to ask the influencer and writer Mery Turiel for a video, or even the futurist Rappel. There is everything to choose from, this being the key to Cleb, where more celebrities can converge to meet the needs of users.

Collaborating with NGOs or pure posturing?

Of course, not everything is direct payments to celebrities and commissions for Cleb. Upon entering the web of the service we can see how a generous space is allocated to Non-profit organizations. Organizations that can collaborate with Cleb to enter their program and receive donations from users. Or, rather, of the Cleb or celebrities who decide to allocate all or part of their income to create videos.

We have talked with Cleb to try to identify if the celebrities who are labeled with the NGO icon they dedicate the total of their income to some organization or only a small part. Or if it is a badge to improve the image of the service, with minor donations within the payment that users make in this service. As we have been told, during the week of launch all celebrities will donate 100% of what they have achieved with their messages to different NGOs. After this first week, each famous person decides the percentage they decide to allocate to non-profit causes.

Marta Carriedo

Will this service succeed?

At the moment the influencers who participate in Cleb or have a profile in this service have already begun to promote it. Since last September 24, Cleb has started its real service, accessible to any user who approaches the web or the application. That is why you can find several stories talking about this service, although it does not seem that it has transcended even enough among users in a couple of days, since few videos of celebrities are being shared on the social networks of other users.

We will have to see, then, if this way of interacting between users and influencers takes on weight. And if ordinary people decide that a couple of minutes of a celebrity's time is worth the money they ask for it. Or if they keep the usual functioning of social networks, where a RT, a DM and this type of interactions leave them happy or help the causes They defend without paying for it. Just wait a few days to see if the promotion and approach of Cleb manages to find what is proposed.

Meanwhile, influencers will continue to look for new ways to make money from their followers, influence and visibility. Either with the money of the brands or, directly, with that of the users, as is the case of the famous online master of JPelirrojo who has given so much to talk about in recent days.