Before entering the subject, and for the most clueless of the house, we will explain what the hell is that of ‘Google Play Pass’. One clue: it will delight those who spend half a day playing with their mobile. Thanks to Google Play Pass the user can enjoy, through a fixed monthly payment, a flat rate in games and paid applications. Just today Google Play Pass has been launched in the United States with a price of five dollars a month that will give access to about 350 applications and games without the need for the user to pay additionally for unlocking features and extras, known as in-app purchases. Another form of payment that Google is offering is the annual one for 2 dollars a month and a free ten-day trial.


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What games can we play with Google Play Pass?

And since you know what this new 'Google Play Pass' consists of, you will be looking forward to knowing what games your subscription includes, games that you can play without limits or payments within it, something that your checking account will appreciate, and may even serve as' lock 'for those children who do not hesitate to use their parents' credentials to make improper payments. To let the user know what applications and games are included in the subscription, Google Play will show a multicolored emblem next to the corresponding thumbnail. It goes without saying that these same games and applications will also remain available for individual subscription if the user so demands.

Google has stated that two out of three applications Included in the subscription are games. And what popular games will be included in Google Play Pass? Well, we are going to tell you the most important ones so that you can open your mouth about it, preparing for the landing of ‘Google Play Pass’ in the coming weeks.

Monument Valley

One of the most beautiful games we can access in the Google Play Store. Deserving of numerous awards and with a sequel to the height, in ‘Monument Valley’ we transport ourselves to a Magic place, inspired by the architecture of Escher's drawings. In these impossible buildings we will accompany an enigmatic figure through changing structures, twisting columns, mechanisms that alter the shape of objects and a graphic environment worth seeing and playing. The game combines a difficulty not too high and a very simple mechanism to reach children and adults. At the moment we do not know if its sequel will also be available in the flat rate


Another game with a very careful graphic appearance although with a touch more sinister than the previous, because blacks and shadows prevail in this. In ‘Limbo’ you are a child who enters a fantastic and terrifying world that borders on dreams and in which you will have to find your lost sister. A suggestive puzzle game with enough difficulty for many to assume as a personal challenge. In the next trailer you can get an idea of ​​where the shots will go.

Stardew valley

Do you feel an unusual pleasure in the world of agriculture? With ‘Stardew Valley’ you can make your dream come true have a farm and a life dedicated to animals and the countryside. You will begin to live on a farm and take it from scratch, taking care of animal happiness and growing your own food. But not only that, but you can form up to one family, having 12 candidates for marriage. A vast world that you can explore full of caves or spend a relaxing time in one of the fishing areas.

stardew valley


Who has not played a RISK game at a friend's house while it was freezing cold? RISK is the strategy board game par excellence and here we have its version for Android mobile. In the game, you you drive an army that he will have to conquer the whole world, facing the armies of your enemies. In the Android version of RISK you can play online with other players from around the world in different modalities, four difficulty levels and up to six players in the same game.

Star Wars: KOTOR

Any fan of the Star Wars saga will think very hard to at least try the free ten days of Google Play Pass as it includes the game ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ that has a price of eleven euros. This game offers a unique experience for the fan as he can embody his favorite character, in addition to others created especially for the game, through typical locations of the saga such as Tatooine or the wookie world of Kashyyyk.

Other featured games are ‘Mini Metro’, ‘Old Man’s Journey’, and ‘Eloh’.

‘Google Play Pass’ prepares for its landing ‘very soon’ in the rest of the countries of the world but nothing is officially confirmed yet. At the time of launch all applications and games compatible with ‘Google Play Pass’ will be available in the store Google Play Store. If you subscribe to ‘Google Play Pass’ and have already installed an application included in the subscription ‘in-app’ purchases will be unlocked and you can enjoy the game or application in its entirety, with all the extras unlocked.

If we had to look at another similar service currently available we would have to focus on ‘Apple Arcade ’launched by the company of the same name. The main difference between ‘Apple Arcade ‘and‘ Google Play Pass ’is that the first one focuses exclusively on video games. The price is even the same, five dollars. Depending on whether you use a mobile phone in your day to day Apple or Android you should opt for one service or another.

The new Google Play Pass service can be shared between five family members and it will be compatible with the parental control that the app store already has.

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