Discovered a new bug in the iOS 7.1.1 iMessage app

by Kelvin

A new Bug appears in iOS 7.1.1 that affects the Messages / iMessages app

Recently a new security flaw has been discovered which affects the application of iOS 7.1.1 messages, also known as iMessage, in fact Apple You are already informed of this problem due to the constant complaints from users. This problem consists basically in the fact that, if we stop using our ID of Apple on the device, we will not be able to send or receive SMS, something that we should be able to do without having configured our Apple ID.



The person in charge of informing about this current problem in the most recent version of the operating system of Apple It has been Adam Pash, who, having left the iPhone to switch to Android, is no longer able to receive some messages from friends and family.

This user, Adam, when using his iPhone from AppleI activate the iMessage service with your telephone number and, during that time, many of your known contacts had stored your telephone number in the "iPhone" phonebook. This label was created to save time and money, since you can avoid sending a regular SMS if the number is associated with the famous messenger service of Californians, iMessage and, what makes, if the device verifies that the phone has the service, then automatically send messages totally free.

Messages are still sent as iMessage even if we don't use the service anymore

Up to this point everything is fine, but what happens if a user leaves the iPhone to switch to Android? Apparently, the problem is here, since, if we try to send a message to a friend who previously sent a message directly to the iPhone, from our iPhone, this message was always sent through iMessage , the problem is that, if we do not already have the iPhone, this message is still trying to be sent through iMessage. The worst part is that, on the phones of other users, to whom the message is sent, a message arrived confirming the reception of a new message, even though it is a false message, since the message will not be available between received messages.

iMessage Bug

Apple is aware of this Bug that affects the iOS messaging app, iMessage

This error has been reported by an employee of the warranty service of Apple, Apple Care, which has responded that this problem has already been reported by many users and that, a team of engineers, are working on a possible solution. In fact, at the moment, there is no solution that can be implemented massively. The only type of solution of this type, although it is a bit "analog" is to ask our contacts to, please, take away our phone number, in the phone book, the "iPhone" tag and change it to "mobile".

The only solution that is most likely and should not be corrected soon is the launch of a new short-term version of the mobile operating system of Apple, thus reaching iOS version 7.1.2, running Probably this is another error that will be corrected with iOS 7.1.2, in order to correct this error and others that affect the attachments in Mail or the error that allows Siri Skip the lock screen without entering the password.

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