Discovered a security flaw that affects devices with Bluetooth 1If we were to count the number of vulnerabilities we have been describing in recent weeks, we would probably never end. Today we have news of a new security breach, which in this case has been baptized as KNOB and that affects Bluetooth connections between devices.

As The Next Web reports, we are facing a critical vulnerability, discovered by security researchers. The Oxford University, the University of Technology and Design of Singapore and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, say that the attack can allow an attacker to carry out easily (if done in an accurate and appropriate manner ) what is called a ‘Intermediary attack’, in English, man-in-the-middle attack, MitM.

But what does this attack consist of and why can it be dangerous? This system in question serves for an attacker to intercept communications between two victims, so that can observe the information that they share and can even modify it at will.

These types of attacks can easily occur within the scope of a WiFi network that has not been encrypted, in which the attacker can participate as an intermediary. In this case, the affectation would lie in two devices connected via Bluetooth.


Discovered a security flaw that affects devices with Bluetooth 2