Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them

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Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them

When you go to live, you just have to discover the tedious tasks of home in all its fullness. Obligations that are easier when we have appliances and utensils that facilitate these tasks. However, these devices do not work by magic, and it is important to know them thoroughly to know each and every one of their benefits. Only then will we get the most out of them, gain time and extend their useful life.

It is the case of dishwasher; an ideal companion when we are lazy to wash the dishes of the day to day or we have celebrated an opening dinner of our newly released independent life and we accumulate the dishes and glasses on the kitchen countertop.


But the trick of this type of household appliances is not only to put the dishes, put a pill and hit the power button. It is important Know all the functions it offers. Today we detail some of them so that the dishwasher does not have secrets for you.

The care of your dishes

Glasses, plates, cups, fountains or cutlery accompany us in our day to day and support a daily transfer by the whole family. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to know some tricks and tips when washing your dishes or glassware to keep them in good condition. Despite this continuous wear, you will have them as new during the year if you follow these recommendations.

In the case of everyday household items, it is not essential that you use a special product or detergent; except if it is a more delicate tableware for its decoration or for years old. To keep that inheritance impeccable in the form of fine cups, it is best to clean them, always at hand, with a soft sponge and special soaps that do not damage your material care.

The dishwasher is our ideal companion to keep those glasses, cutlery or plates clean. But, as in everything, it is important to follow an order when placing these utensils inside. In this way you will not only prevent they scratch or break, but you will save time and detergent while improving the performance and efficiency of your appliance. So, the glasses and cups put them in order of height and upside down in the space reserved for this type of utensils. The cutlery in its corresponding basket and the dishes according to their shape or size in each of the holes enabled for it.

It is not convenient, meanwhile, to put in the dishwasher those large pans or pots.

Once the washing program is finished, it is essential that these kitchen pieces they dry perfectly and to do this, leave the dishwasher door open a few minutes so that the interior steam goes out gradually and the utensils are cooled and dried naturally in the air. To finish removing resistant raindrops from the most delicate cups, you can pass them a soft cloth that does not leave marks or fluff.

dishwasher buttons

Pay attention to these symbols on your dishwasher

Once you know how to properly wash your dishes, glasses, cups, tablespoons, forks, pots, pans … now it's the turn of Learn some of the symbols you'll find in your dishwasher and with which you will improve its performance.

In practically most current dishwashers you will find these three very common and useful symbols in this type of household appliances. Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 1

Rinse Icon

The first one refers to the prewash function, which is ideal for there are no odors while the days go by and we gradually fill our dishwasher with cutlery and utensils used every day. So, thanks to a rinsed in cold water, these elements do not give off a bad smell until the day we have filled the interior and put it into operation.

If your dishwasher smells very bad in summer or you need several days to fill it, give it a good rinse with this button when you already have a few dishes inside.

This function can be found in numerous models, such as Candy Brava CDPMN 4S620PW Smart Fi + with 12 programs. This dishwasher is connected via WiFi + Bluetooth And thanks to its convenient online application you can access your dishwasher control remotely, add additional programs or manage the energy consumed in each wash.
Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 2

Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 3

Quick wash and dry button

If we don't have much time, the dishwashers have quick wash and dry programs, as indicated by the signal of the second image. The cycle is much shorter, so it is especially suitable if you are one of those who give the dish a mop before putting them in the dishwasher.

This cleaning cycle uses less water but they can leave the wetter dishes on some appliances. It may be an option if you need to quickly clean the contents and do not mind drying a glass with the cloth. It is also useful if you put the dishwasher very often.

Power and pause button

Once we have everything inside, with the tablet in its corresponding box, we give it a play and the washing process begins. After a few minutes we see that on the table we have left a couple of glasses and plates that we have forgotten to put in the dishwasher. Nothing happens: thanks to the pause and load function (third image button) we can stop the program for a few moments to put those utensils without any problem.

Apart from these three indications, if in your appliance you see a button with the word ECO, then you can enjoy a system that helps you when you want to wash dishes and cutlery that are not too dirty. Thanks to this program you will find in the dishwasher Balay 3VS708IA with half load function, you can wash that utensils optimizing water and energy consumption. In addition, this device has the option half load when you have not completely filled its interior, but you need to wash a few dishes and glasses.

dishwasher buttons

Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 3

Special button for cleaning bottles in dishwashers

When there are babies at home, home hygiene must be impeccable; and more if we talk about the utensils that these children use as their first cutlery or the bottle itself. Therefore, some dishwashers incorporate a function (first button in the image below) called Hygiene Plus, which provides extra cleaning cleaning. For this temperature is used at a higher temperature. It doesn't have to be as effective as a boil to sterilize (see your manual), but it improves sanitation.

dishwasher buttons

If you are interested in this option for your new family, you can have it with the dishwasher Bosch SMS46JI19E with 6 programs. In addition to this system, this model has the options for a daily wash, an extra drying to eliminate any trace of moisture or a specific program to wash your precious glasses of wine.
Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 5

Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 3

Intensive wash button for embedded debris

Another of the advantages of dishwashers are the following symbols in the image below. On the one hand, we have the intensive program, the second drawing, for those food scraps "fights" that are embedded in the dishes and for which some skill is needed if we scrub by hand. This program is responsible for washing all that household items at a temperature of about 70 ° C to remove the toughest dirt in the blink of an eye.

Quick dry button: avoid stains on your glasses

The technology of this high-end dishwasher also deals with the most delicate utensils to wash them carefully, in addition to offering the Waterproof security system to always be protected from possible damage caused by water leaks. As if that were not enough, Silence Plus mode prevents waking anyone while it is running.

dishwasher buttons

Dishwasher icons, signals and functionalities: how to understand them 3

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