Disney is working all day to avoid Disney + broadcast issues at launch

by Kelvin
Sebastian Jimenez

Disney's streaming service will launch in less than three months, but the closer we get, the more reasons we have to get excited about the new Netflix contender. Recently, we learned that the cheapest Disney + subscription will support four simultaneous streams and 4K video playback at launch, which surpasses Netflix.

On the other hand, Netflix has an advantage when it comes to watching television series, since Disney + will only release a new episode per week for the original programs that it transmits on the service. But before people really enjoy all the new Disney + shows, Disney must make sure that it can offer a fluid service experience, something the company is very worried about.


The company is working to avoid any problem of overload and failures, especially for November 12, when the service is launched in the US. UU. And in some additional international markets.

"We are thinking a lot about (overload)," said Disney's transmission services president Michael Paull The Edge. "Fortunately, we have had the experience with Game of Thrones, we have had the experience of ESPN + with the great events of payment by event that we are doing with UFC exclusively in our platform. We are receiving great explosions. We have developed capacities to maintain that, both in terms of processing transactions that are made, in a very, very short period of time, such as transmissions. "

"We are ready. We are spending a lot of time planning this release," the executive added.

Paull is the former CEO of BAMTech, the technology that drove HBO Now for years, so he is very familiar with what can go wrong in the services and broadcast programs that attract large crowds. Meanwhile, Disney bought a majority stake in BAMTech to ensure that Disney + subscribers find no problems during program broadcast.

Disney + may not generate the same kind of pressure on resources as a live UFC event, but on November 12 you should see a lot of action, both when it comes to people who stream Disney + content and buyers who sign up for the service. After all, the service only costs $ 6.99 per month, and is even cheaper if you pay for a full year. Disney will also have a $ 12.99 plan that includes access to Hulu (with ads) and ESPN +.

Image source: Disney

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