Disney +: Platform catalog will feature classic designs from Marvel

by Kelvin
Disney + (Source: Twitter/ GJ Kooijman)

Now it's official, the classic animations of Marvel will be at Disney +. The information has been confirmed by a user on Twitter who received early access to test the platform.

According to GJ Kooijman, the animations are in the catalog Spider Woman (1979), Spider man (1981), Spiderman and his Amazing Friends (1981), X-Men (1992), Iron Man (1994), The fantastic Four (1994), The incredible Hulk (1996), Silver Surfer (1998) and Spider-Man: Action Without Limits (1999).

Disney + (Source: Twitter/ GJ Kooijman)

However, these series have been confirmed on an account in the Netherlands. It is not possible to say for now if they will be in the catalogs all countries. It has also been confirmed that all MCU movies are in the catalog except Captain Marvel, the two Spider-Man movies and The incredible Hulk.

GJ Kooijman also commented that he could not find the animations of the Marvel that were released from 2000. That's an interesting detail after all X-Men: Evolution and The spectacular Spider Man were two very popular animated series, so it is possible that Disney will include both in the future, or that they are not just part of the Dutch catalog.

Disney + (Source: Twitter/ GJ Kooijman)Disney + (Source: Twitter/ GJ Kooijman)

Anyway, soon it will be possible to know which are all the series and movies that will be part of the Disney + catalog. The service starts operating on November 12 in the United States, the Netherlands, and Canada. Australia and New Zealand receive a week later, on November 19th.

Disney has already confirmed that Latin American countries will also have access to Disney + from 2020, but has not confirmed the date or value of the platform here.

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