Disney reveals how much Disney + will cost in Europe, goes to the Netflix jugular

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Disney reveals how much Disney + will cost in Europe, goes to the Netflix jugular

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Disney + is coming. The Disney streaming service may be the most important launch in the history of the sector, a tough rival that heavyweights like Netflix already fear.

It is not for less, considering that Disney + will not only offer all its immense catalog of classic films, but also its divisions and properties, such as Marvel or Star Wars Initially it will not offer everything at once, but it has already advanced that sooner or later, all content will be available online. In addition, to this we must add the exclusive content that is already in production, such as the Loki series or The Mandalorian.

Unfortunately, the launch of Disney + will not be worldwide, and the US will have preference this 2019; but now Disney has surprised us, announcing that other countries will be able to use the service the same day of the US premiere.

How much will Disney + cost?

Specifically, Canada and the Netherlands will be part of the initial launch on November 12, 2019; In addition, Australia and New Zealand will be the first countries to receive the service after launch, on November 19.

Disney has confirmed prices for these markets, so we finally know how much will Disney + cost in Europe: € 6.99 per month. It is a very competitive price, especially considering that we can pay every year, in which case we are reduced by two months, with a final price of € 69.99 per year (it would stay at € 5.83 per month).


To compare, the cheapest plan of Netflix, its main competitor, costs € 7.99 a month; a figure that can go up to € 15.99 per month with the "Premium" rate. It is a palpable difference, although we do not know to what extent both services can be compared; not only because of the available catalog, but also because of the available video quality and the number of people who can use the service at the same time.

Therefore, it is still early to make comparatives, but it is certain that there will be, and Netflix has to be prepared for it. Last June Netflix raised the prices of the most complete rates, a decision that can now take its toll. In addition, it is possible that the price in the Netherlands is a test, and that when the service is launched in the rest of the European Union, it is different.

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