Display iPhone 11 Pro Max was named the best among smartphones

by Kelvin

DisplayMate, a display testing and calibration company, has announced iPhone 11 Pro Max display test results. Based on extensive laboratory tests and measurements, the iPhone 11 Pro was named the best display on the mobile market, receiving the highest A + rating.


DisplayMate website author Raymond Soneira noted the improvement in the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max compared to the screen of its predecessor, iPhone XS Plus:

  • Peak brightness is 17% higher, 821 nits with a typical average image level of 50%, which improves screen visibility in high light conditions.
  • On the main screen, the iPhone 11 Pro Max showed an impressive high brightness of 902 nits.
  • Peak HDR brightness is 1290 nits for standard HDR 20% APL and 1090 nits for full-screen white with 100% APL.
  • Display power consumption decreased by 15%.

Raymond Soneira called the screen of the new "apple" gadget the best among all consumer devices – smartphones, tablets, 4K-TVs, monitors and laptops. Of the minuses, it is worth noting a slight deviation of color rendition at an angle. This is a feature of all OLED displays.

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