DJI Launches Osmo Mobile 3, Innovative Folding Design Smartphone Stabilizer

by Kelvin

Nova Osmo Mobile 3 stands out for its practical and folding design, ideal for content creators who need to carry equipment everyday

THE DJI updated its series product portfolio Osmo with the third version of the smartphone stabilizer, the Osmo Mobile 3. The new product of DJI stands out for its portability, making it easier to carry with its folding design and innovative video stabilization technologies.


“As we started designing Osmo Mobile 3, we returned to the drawing board to create a portable yet intuitive product that utilizes the latest DJI technology. We are excited to introduce DJI's first fold-out stabilizer and look forward to inspiring our customers to come up with new ways to record content on their mobile phones. ”

Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager

The new Osmo Mobile 3 fits in your pocket because of its folding design (Image: DJI)

Osmo Mobile 3: Design Ready for Everyday Life

The folding design of the Osmo Mobile 3 It's perfect for carrying you anywhere, as it takes up very little space when it's folded. Second Paul Pan, the new stabilizer smartphones It's ideal for content creators like bloggers and youtubers who need to make recordings during the day and don't want to carry too much weight in their bag.

With technology that enables rapid deployment and precise smartphone coupling, with the Osmo Mobile 3 You do not lose any records.

Folding design is ideal for long distance charging as it is very light (Image: DJI)

With a variety of technologies that make video recording and stabilization easier, content will become more instantaneous and quality. Starting with the ease of handling it with one hand, the Osmo Mobile 3 has easy-access buttons on the handle, making it possible to access some features such as Fast inversion, which rotates portrait-to-landscape orientation by pressing the Mode (M) twice without removing the phone from the stabilizer.

In addition, the construction of the gadget It is designed not to obstruct the charging and audio ports, making it easy to charge or use external microphones.

In addition to the trigger, there are zoom buttons on the right side (Image: DJI)

The trigger present in Osmo Mobile 3 performs several actions as it becomes easier to stabilize recording on the focused object with just one Touchez. You can also center the stabilizer to track the object and rotate the gadget to take selfies. With technology ActiveTrack, users can Touchez the trigger once and the Osmo Mobile 3 will begin to track while keeping the subject centered on the board.

Beside the trigger, users can also use the sliders to zoom in and out without touching the smartphone screen.

Exclusive Features and Repackaged DJI Mimo App

The new Osmo Mobile 3 Brings Bluetooth 5.0 for faster and more stable connection. As DJI Mimo App redesigned, available for Android and iOS, users can easily take advantage of some features.

One of these most interesting features is the Story mode, which allows you to choose from 13 predefined editing templates, and the Mime is responsible for “direction” and editing. After recording, the Mime automatically generates a professionally edited exclusive video, ready to share. O Gestural Control also makes that group selfie easier, as you can take photos without touching your smartphone or Osmo Mobile 3. Just make one “Sign of peace” or show your palm to record the moment.

Group selfie can be enjoyed more with Osmo Mobile 3 (Image: DJI)

Similar to series feature DJI Ronin, O Sport mode increases the device's responsiveness so you can keep up with when recording fast moving scenes. This feature is great for use in conjunction with ActiveTrack 3.0, which uses image recognition algorithms and deep learning of DJI to register and track objects instantly.

In addition, there are camera functions known as the Timelapse, Hyperlapse and Motionlapse, which adds the dynamic motion element to the Timelapse setting points for the camera to move. If you want to remember moments in slow motion through the DJI Mimo App you can slow down by 4x and 8x as well as record more elements in your photo with Panoramic mode.

Price and availability

At first the Osmo Mobile 3 will not be available in Brazil, but may be purchased through import in two models: standard version is leaving for $ 119.00; and the Combo versionwhich includes, in addition to Osmo Mobile 3, a cable tripod Osmo and the storage case Osmo, starting at $ 139.00. Sales start today on the official DJI website.

If you purchase the Osmo Mobile 3 combo, users take home a carrying case and tripod.If they purchase the Osmo Mobile 3 combo, users take home a case and tripod (Image: DJI)

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