DJI Osmo Mobile 3 dreadlocks make the iPhone camera magical …

by Kelvin
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 dreadlocks make the iPhone camera magical ... 1

There is a new DJI dreadlocks in the universe, and it was called Osmo Mobile 3. This hardware was made to turn your smartphone into a professional movie-catching animal, working with more than just a standard dreadlocking stabilization feature. This gimbal has motion control, ActiveTrack 3.0, and the ability to "Quick Roll" between modes very smoothly.

If you are here ONLY to find out what has changed between Osmo Mobile 2 and Osmo Mobile 3, you are lucky. The changes are slight, but relatively large. This new model folds into a slightly smaller package, has a tripod handle, and has a new balance system where "only the roll axis needs to be leveled".


This new model has a significantly improved phone support system that allows for minor adjustments while traveling. The bottom of the phone is no longer locked by the stand, so you can stay connected to the USB cable for charging if you want. The M OM3 button toggles between portrait and landscape modes (Quick Roll), and there is a new "standby mode" so you can use your phone for people who don't have dreadlocks while holding them, but the dreadlocks are folded.

There's a new motion control, new story mode, and new smart shooting mode in the app. OM3 works with ActiveTrack 3.0, A new sport mode and a combination of 3-module dreadlocks stabilization and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to create super smooth Hyperlapse videos.

Osmo Mobile 3 works with applications controlled by physical buttons. There is a joystick, a switch, and a couple of control buttons on the dreads that allow users to avoid touching the phone screen.

Movement is also part of the control scheme, here, with features like ActiveTrack 3.0. This system allows users to press the trigger, make movements or select subjects on the smartphone screen to start following the subject. With ActiveTrack 3.0, the dreadlocks can adjust themselves and will move the smartphone to automatically follow the subject.

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This system is available through DJI's official online store and is likely to be available soon. You will get $ 120 USD (or approximately) for the device when you press the buy button.

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Please note that some features work with all phones, while others only work with iOS. Access to Slow Motion mode in the app only works with iOS devices, for example. You can use these dreadlocks with almost any cell phone, but only those who run the app can use physical buttons.

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