DJI pledges to take "painful" actions to get rid of company corruption

by Kelvin
DJI se compromete a tomar ações

THE DJI has released an open letter where it pledges to take actions, in the words of the company spokesman, "painful" to combat corruption cases that were discovered within the company. In late 2018, routine audits found a total loss of $ 150 million in the drone maker's accounts.

Since then, dozens of employees have been laid off or surrendered to local authorities. The company found that more than 100 people are involved and 45 employees and former employees are under investigation.


"Unfortunately, DJI has uncovered instances of cost inefficiency, purchasing manipulation and even theft. We cannot ignore these issues. In fact, for the vast majority of our hard-working and honest workers, we need to discover and eliminate these problems ".
– DJI Open Letter

According to the company itself, the size of the corruption is much larger than they previously thought, and what has been discovered so far may be just the tip of the iceberg.

"While mature companies have established management training, controls and protocols to limit these issues, DJI in the past has emphasized corporate growth over new internal processes."
– DJI Open Letter

From this discovery, DJI says it has made part of its standard operation the discovery of management processes that are deemed ineffective or inefficient – even as part of its successful strategy.

Click here and check out the full version from the DJI open letter.

Via: Drone DJ