Do you play a lot with your Android? Then you'll love the official support for the Xbox controller

by Kelvin

It is true that we live in a very fast-paced world where our workplaces, universities and homes can be a constant bustle. For that, we all have games installed on our handsets wash up for a bit and relax. This is normal, and most of us see it as a temporary means of interruption.

However, there are some who are not casual gamers, and they use their cell phones completely. If you are one of them, you will learn how important it is to play a quality gamepad. The Xbox controller may be the best choice, however How do you connect it comfortably? Microsoft has the answer, because they have sold their official support to you Use the Xbox controller on your mobile in the most comfortable way maybe.


The new PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clic is your way to becoming the best player

There are games that require high skill to stay on top of the table, like Fortnite o Call of Duty: Mobile. For them, a touch of a cell phone is usually not enough for this task, so a gamepad is required.

Microsoft knows this, and that's why it provides incredible support for you to connect your Xbox controller to your Android. Is there a better combination? We doubt it, because with this couple it's possible you'll finish all your competitors in an instant.

The PowerA Moga stand is designed by Xbox Design Studio, and the goal is to get the most out of your game. that Ergonomic design Allows you to use your mobile phone and remote control for for hours without fatigue, and always maintain the perfect balance.

In addition, thanks to the articulation point, official support for the Xbox controller will enable you adjust the angle of your mobile phone to 220 degrees. With this, Microsoft ensures that you always have the perfect screen display.

With Microsoft's official support, you can enjoy Project xCloud

support mobile xbox control android

Another advantage of this support is that Microsoft has endorsed it as the perfect accessory to enjoy Project xCloud. If you have good memory, you'll remember that Project xCloud is a platform where you can play your Xbox One games from anywhere in the world.

For this, you only need to have a cell phone with Android or iOS, and an Xbox controller. However, without good support, it's a bit awkward to use both. Now with PowerA Moga this is no longer a problem, and you can continue your game wherever you are, without having to turn on the console.

Official compatibility and pricing for Xbox controllers

xbox powera moga mobile game controller support

And compatibility? Do you think we've forgotten about it? Not at all. PowerA Moga clip lets you use it on a 79 millimeter wide phone. What does this mean? Instead of It is compatible with almost all smartphones in the worldso you don't have to worry at all.

In terms of compatibility with remote control, support It is compatible with Xbox One controllers and Xbox 360 controllers. It may be with the upcoming Xbox One X controller, but will have to wait. And with other mobile controls? We're not sure, but it might work if they have a similar shape to the Xbox.

As for the price, you'll be surprised how cheap it is, because Microsoft has sold it for sale 17.99 euros. What about availability? Let us tell you that it can be yours now as it is available on Amazon. Of course with free guarantee and shipping.

Are you going to miss out on being the best player in the world with your mobile phone? Take advantage, because it will sell out quickly! Also, keep in mind that the competition for the title is strong and your competitors will always strive to get ahead of you. Are you going to let them beat you?

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