Do you still have to redownload the app on iPhone or iPad? Disable …


If you pay attention to an app that shows a cloud icon next to the app name on your screen, forcing you to download this app repeatedly, the explanation can be very simple. With iOS 11, Apple introducing a feature called Uninstall unused apps.


The purpose of this feature is to help save storage space by removing unused applications. You can activate this function on your iPhone or iPad and not even realize it. Here's how to find and disable unused apps.

What do downloaded downloaded apps do?

As Christian explained in his feature article:

Unlike removal of apps, which release binary and out-of-orbit data, unmounting ensures that app data, along with settings and user documents, remains on your device.

So if the app is uninstalled and reinstalled from App store (assuming it's still available), the data will go directly back to where you used the app as before.

The downloaded apps should also remain on your home screen. But there will be a cloud icon next to it. To install it again, just Touchez the app icon.

The iPhone application is dismantled

How to disable download of unused applications

To prevent this from happening automatically, follow these steps to disable the feature.

one) Open your device Configurations.

2) To choose iTunes and App Store.

3) At the bottom of the next screen, turn off the switch Uninstall unused apps.

Disable Unmount unused iPhone apps

After disabling this feature, you can still manually uninstall the app to save storage space if you want, and our tutorial shows how easy it is.

Wrap it up

Does this solve your mystery about the missing app? If so, please let us know below! And if you decide to disable the feature but uninstall the app manually, do you think you will ever reinstall it again?

For more instructions, see our Tutorial section.

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