Doctor Hospital Stories, cure the sick with this game for everyone

by Kelvin
Juego Doctor Hospital Stories


Surely on occasion you have looked for a game simple that fits all ages so that small house Enjoy Android terminals with Android operating system. One of the ones you can use is Doctor Hospital Stories, which we will comment on what it offers.


This is a job that is very simple, since its intention is that it can be executed independently of the user facing the screen of the phone and tablet (its compatibility is excellent, since even in the input range model it works perfectly). The fact is that you should not ask this development to have to manage complicated actions or gestures … none of that. Everything is so easy to use the touch screen that no one will have any doubt about what has to be done. Come on, which is ideal for those who do not control much.

Thus, in Doctor Hospital Stories you have to heal the patients who are put in front (each level of the game presents a different one that is improving your face while removing wounds, fractures or scratches). You have to use what is available in the bottom of the interface and dragging the object in question should be applied in the right place for it to take effect. At the beginning, a circle indicates where to do this, but with the passing of the levels this disappears and then the memory comes into play

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By the way, that in all the tests we have done we have not found problem some in relation to the execution of the development, even in quad-core models with 2 GB of RAM, so there will be nothing to prevent children from playing. Of course, tablets are a better option because it is appreciated that the screen is as large as possible to not fail in the actions that are performed. The case is that it is neither demanding nor offers problems. A good job has been done by the developers. But there is a detail that we did not like very much: Doctor Hospital Stories transitions are somewhat slow, and that graphics are not demanding.

Small details that should be assessed from Doctor Hospital Stories

One is that there is not a wide variety of actions, since many are repetitive … especially at the beginning of the game. Of course, it is quite appreciated that with the passing of the levels (which are not very numerous at first) options that are more advanced than simply dragging objects are included: puzzles; some little riddles; and manipulations with a certain cadence so that the patient heals.

A simple game that has no difficulty. Ideal for the smallest of the house. But, eye, they are included advertisements integrated and it may be that if you are not attentive you may have a problem with the destination screen.

How to download Doctor Hospital Stories

This is one of the good details of this game, since it is completely gratuitous getting it both in Galaxy Store as in Play Store. Therefore, to prove if it is the game that you are looking for for the little ones is something that costs nothing … which is always a point in favor. Of course, we talk about a somewhat repetitive development.

Game table Doctor Hospital Stories

Get Doctor Hospital Stories in Galaxy Store

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