Does your mobile recently seem to last less battery life? It may be the fault of the latest version of Google Services, an application on which other system essentials such as the application repository depend Google Play Store. Google Play Store It is that application, as you know, where you can find everything you need to make your mobile the most useful of your devices. Specifically, it is version 18.3.82 of Google Play Services. Do one thing: make sure you have this version to verify that this is your battery drain problem. If you have another version, you should follow other useful tips to save battery.


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Enter the settings of your mobile phone. Within the section of the system applications, you will look for the corresponding to the Google services. Inside, you can find the version you have installed. If it is 18.3.82, read on because we are going to give you the solution so that the battery does not run out so fast.

beta play services

The best solution is the one that, at the moment, does not exist, and is that Google fix it through an update. For now, this is what we can do to fix the problem.

  • Enter the page that will allow you to access the beta group of the application.
  • In this group you can access an experimental version of Google Services that lacks this error. You just have to click on the page in the corresponding box and become a Beta-Tester. Once you are part of the Google Services beta community, enter the Google Play Store and look in the section on updates You should have an application update that will fix the battery drain problem.

At the moment, it is the only possible solution for this problem. You should know that, being a member of the Beta group of this and other applications, you will receive a special version with functions not yet available to everyone, version that may not go very thin and contain other errors. However, if your drainage problem is very pronounced, you lose nothing by trying.

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