Does it make sense to buy a 4G mobile phone or is it better a 5G mobile phone?

by Kelvin
4G Mobile против 5G Mobile

4G Mobile vs 5G Mobile

It cannot be denied that we are facing a very relevant technological leap, 5G technology is starting to have a large presence in Spain and the expected roll-out is taking place in the main carriers. But beyond that, the main tool for taking advantage of 5G technology is the mobile phone, which made us ask ourselves many questions, such as whether it is still a smart solution. buy mobile 4G already at the top since 2021.

To try to answer the questions, we have to ask ourselves many things, and we will try to answer them. We are the type of user that we are, sooner or later 5G will knock on our door and improvements will be needed to take advantage of all that it promises. If we saw a lot of 5G models in 2020, then in 2021 there will be even more.


Reasons to keep buying 4G mobile phones

When it comes time to buy a new mobile phone for yourself or as a gift, there are several reasons to keep in mind that will make us choose a mobile phone with 4G over 5G … There are cases and circumstances to think that 4G mobile phones are still a good option and among them we find very important and irreplaceable reasons that we show you:

movil 4g mano

  • We don’t live in a big city and 5G will take time to get to where we live.
  • We update mobile about every year.
  • Our budget is limited.

The place where we spend the most time will be very important, as the main cities in Spain and the larger cities will be those with 5G access in 2020 or those with 5G access in 2021. It will also be very relevant to consider how often we usually change mobile phones, since if we still do not have 5G in the place where we live, perhaps we can save money in the next generation of mobile phones that we buy, then we we can make a leap to take advantage of this. …

The budget, of course, as we mentioned, is a bit sharp when you think about 4G mobile phone selection as the price difference is still very significant and we find models such as Galaxy S20, with both options and a price difference that we must keep a close eye on.

Reasons We Only Think 5G Mobile Phones

There is no doubt that improvements in speed, coverage in homes and buildings, and interoperability with other devices are more than sufficient reason to trust it. 5G can bring many changes for the better to our daily lives. But in order to complete the solution, we must evaluate, as we did before, if 5G mobile is a better buy than 4G mobile in our case for the following reasons:

movil samsung mano 5g

  • In the city where we live, 5G is already working.
  • We want the mobile phone to serve us for a long time.
  • We use a mobile phone every day and we need top speed.
  • We can afford to invest more in 5G mobile communications.

If we already have 5G where we live, we can quickly consider choosing a 5G mobile to reap the full benefits, especially if we already need a new mobile and are thinking about having one long enough. to recoup the investment that 5G entails, so we won’t be lagging behind in technology in a few months.

In addition, we must value the use of a mobile phone, as a user who uses it every day does not need it, compared to someone who does not use it all day. We will also need to look at 5G mobile phones to see if there are any options that fit within the budget and if that would be an issue.

Conclusions: which technology to choose?

Finally, we want to invite you to draw your own conclusions, in this case we cannot decide for you, but we have enough arguments to make the right purchase, do we think that 4G technology in mobile phones still a good solution or 5G. you have your moment here. We are in a process of change and we can choose to go one step ahead or stay one step behind.