Does the competition know more?

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Does the competition know more?

For some days there are rumors that Apple In the upcoming iPhone event, once again unpack the well-known "One more thing" film to present a completely unexpected novelty. Maybe this is "another thing" but maybe not so unexpected.

Apple Tag: Competition from Tile does not want to be forgotten

Already last June, the iOS 13 beta was thank, were in the code of the upcoming operating system evidence of a "Apple Day "found. At the end of August, more details followed about the possibly small key chain, which can help to find exactly these once they have slipped back between the sofa cushions.

The tracker, which can probably be paired with an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, is reminiscent of the familiar small plastic chips from Tile. The company was now attracting attention with a surprising measure.

Like Mark Gurman of Bloomberg on Twitter reported, the company sent Bose headphones, in which the Tile trackers are integrated, to the press. Included was a note whose contents Gurman summarizes in a few words: "Please do not forget us on Tuesday." Of course that is AppleEvent on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 meant.

The text of the note suggests that Tile faces great competition Apple feared. While Tile's key finder requires a separate app, and that's what the OS limits what it can do, Apple's technology will be present in every iOS 13 device, making it much more useful when it comes to finding lost things. Further details, such as whether or how Apple it will not be possible to deactivate your own search function.

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Here are some of the novelties in iOS 13:

Apple Tag: The "one more thing" of the upcoming event?

Appletypically it is unclear whether the "Apple Tags "will be presented in the coming week or later. But the little followers are a good candidate for the expected "One more thing".

What Apple We have been planning for the coming weeks and months, we will know in a few days on the 10th of September. At 7 pm German time, this year's iPhone event will begin in Cupertino. Here is our overview of the expected novelties.

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