Does the screen of your Xiaomi Mi A3 look bad? You can "improve" brightness with these tricks

by Kelvin
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Android One It is one of the advantages of Xiaomi Mi A3, but that does not mean that it is a perfect operating system. In fact, if you have problems with the Brightness of the screen of the mobile, surely the fault is the Google software. In the following lines we will try to put a solution, within the humanly possible.

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The Xiaomi Mi A3 screen It is one of the points with more lights and shadows of the smartphone. On one side of the scale we have the fact of using technology AMOLED, with a better representation of colors, deep blacks and considerable energy savings. On the other side we have the step back in resolution with respect to the Xiaomi Mi A2, showing an HD + that is somewhat lower than expected.

However, neither one feature nor another has to do with the scarce brightness offered by the screen of the Xiaomi Mi A3. The fault is in Android One. It turns out that this operating system does not allow to use HBM technology, the high brightness mode, present in the Xiaomi phone. According to the data sheet of the Xiaomi Mi A3, the automatic brightness is capable of reaching 530 bits but Android One does not increase from 350, regardless of whether or not it is in automatic or manual mode.

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Can you improve the brightness?

There are many users who have complained in forums and support centers of the company of the poor brightness of the mobile screen. Today there is no "real" solution that allows you to increase the bits offered by the phone, but you can do something to improve the visibility of the screen.

The best trick is to make use of dark theme Present Android 9 Pie that can be enabled through the device configuration menu very easily. Simply access the screen settings and scroll down to the bottom. In the Themes option choose the dark theme. Deactivate the adaptive brightness You can also improve the visibility of the screen in broad daylight. Open the configuration menu again in the display options undo the adaptive brightness option.

Finally you can use an app like Shine Change, which allows Increase the screen brightness of the Xiaomi Mi A3 to the maximum when set to low values ​​with just one press.

We expect Google to change this limitation of Android One in future updates to exploit the mid-range of Xiaomi to the fullest.

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