Does Xiaomi advertising bother you? So you can remove it on a phone with MIUI

by Kelvin
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You may have a brand phone Xiaomi, of those who have MIUI or those who use Android One, and are tired of the advertising that is periodically received in them. We will show how it is possible to eliminate this without the performance of the terminal being affected at any time.

This is what has been going on for a long time, in September 2018 It was when the Asian company decided to do this, and there are few who complain about having to see on their smartphone advertising that they do not want. The truth is that this allows the company to have some extra income which are key for your products to be so cheap always, since it gives users access to know more options of the firm that in some cases they dress and, also, buy. The fact is that you may want to make this disappear annoying.


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Evidently Xioami does not include in MIUI an option that deactivates the ads in a way simple and intuitive, since for the manufacture these are important. But, as always, there are some options and shortcuts that can be used to make the impact of advertising as small as possible … and always without jeopardizing the stability of the phone or tablet and, also, the performance of This or stability when running applications.

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Steps to end the ads in the smartphones of Xioami with MIUI

There are several actions that must be undertaken to end the ads, and we show the most important ones and that have greater impact -Positive- to prevent advertising from being a headache when using a Xiaomi phone. This is what has to be done:

Remove ads in My Security

  • Open the Mi Security application
  • Use the icon in the upper right and use it, look for the Recommendations option
  • Turn it off and then access the Cleaner and do the same with this section

Remove ads in My Browser

  • Open the Xiaomi application
  • Use the icon with three horizontal lines at the top and access the Settings
  • Select Advanced and then do the same with Order from main sites
  • Disable recommendations

Xiaomi phones on screen

Disable personal ads

  • Open Phone Settings
  • Use the Additional Settings option and then enter Privacy
  • Now simply disable custom ad recommendations

Xiaomi phone finish

Disable ads in My Music

  • Enter the application and access the settings
  • Use the Advanced Settings option now
  • The following is to deactivate the recommendations

Remove ads in Downloads

  • Enter the Downloads application
  • Access the configuration of this Xiaomi development
  • Now look for the option Show recommended content and disable it

Using a Xiaomi smartphone

Remove ads in Themes

  • Access the Xiaomi Themes app on a regular basis
  • Enter the Account section and then Settings
  • Now simply disable Recommendations

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