Don Zombie is a great action and shooting game to kill thousands …


Don Zombie is a new action-shooting game where we have to finish with many zombies. The game offers its own graphic style and we have different game modes. So we talk about variation.

We can go carry we cut and shoot molotov cocktails they then fall on zombies to burn them, until they take control of the collection and collide with many zombies. Don Zombie is a new action game that really captivates us. Let's do it


Colonel before the zombie holocaust

If Don Zombie surprised us with something, it was because various mechanisms offered. That is, in addition to carrying Don with clippings or pistols, we can even put him in all kinds of vehicles, from armed robots to trucks. This means wealth for the whole group in general and allows us to enjoy an intense game.

This is a very well done game and we see this also in the number of zombies that can be generated on the screen, just like a graphic design style identifies you perfectly. Most importantly, we highlight the lighting effects that get very bright moments and are filled with the apocalyptic zombie madness that you really like.

That difference is also found in the main menu with all weapons to repair, maps with all levels and parts of the freemium. Namely, they have created own game and can be identified by itself. It is very valuable to be able to compare it with the many zombie games that fill it Google Play Store; Although we can find several qualities such as Zombie Night Terror and excellent visual aspects.

More than 100 levels and more than 25 weapons in Don Zombie

Don zombie

Don Zombie also offers good content. We talk about More than 100 levels and a total of more than 25 weapons. because they are machine guns, traps and vehicles with which we will feel that we have a lot of free time ahead of us.

Don zombie

Also enemies of large caliber and dimensions such as the last boss, and the swarm of zombies that will at least change will put us in grave danger if we cannot take advantage of our weapons and elements at that level. We talked about Molotov cocktails that we had to exploit so that the fire fell on the pedestrians.

Apart from campaign mode also we have a goal. In this case, we have to kill X number of zombies with a series of weapons and circumstances that put us first. Add value and depth to all the common aspects of Don Zombie. As if we had sand where we will be tested to see everything we experience.

Upgrade your weapons and help the world against the zombie apocalypse

Don zombie

In a wide sweep Don Zombie is a great action-shooting game. And although at the beginning the level is short, as we advance we will see more enemies and the time per level will increase. It has freemium with videos that double the rewards, so you know what to do with the loot boxes.

Don zombie

Visually it is unique game that has its own visual language. It is characterized by a lighting system that projects a great atmosphere and with which you can pay perfect attention to how our character lights up when he approaches the pump or the bulb's focus. Very spoiled game that invites you to play in each game.

Don Zombie came to Google Play Store to show that genre The zombie game still has a big gap in the virtual shelf of the internal memory of our phone. Act at full speed and get better weapons to produce the most damage in the shortest time. What are you waiting to play?

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  • That the level is broader

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Don Zombie: one last resistance against the horde
Don Zombie: one last resistance against the horde