Don't have the new Android Auto interface? Use this trick to get it

by Kelvin
Android Auto interface Google truque

Android's integration with automobiles is a big step. Google has in Android Auto the bridge to connect these two worlds.

With a new user interface coming in, many want to try this one now. As many still hope and despair, there is a little trick that can be used. See if with this tip you can already have the new interface in Android Auto.


Android Auto interface Google trick

Google has renewed the face of connecting the smartphone to the car

Google reformulated completely Android Auto. This one is now simpler to use and more intuitive. Mostly it is more direct and certainly the features are more at hand of the driver.

Because Android Auto is not yet available in our country, many choose to unload and install the new versions. These always bring news, but not yet said new interface.

As an activation to be made on Google's side, it is natural for countries like ours to be left out. The research giant is now breaking new ground. You can force this update by simply activating a simple option.

Don't have the new Android Auto interface? Use this trick to get it 1 Don't have the new Android Auto interface? Use this trick to get it 2

How to enable the new Android Auto interface

This new form works for users and only requires Android Auto installed and released. It should not be connected to the car either. Inside you just have to access the application menu to choose the option Definitions.

Once inside, you should be aware of a new option. This is called Try the new Android Auto and it will be off. Activate it and the process is finished. They must then exit the application and then connect the phone to the car.

Immediately the new interface will be present. Explore it and see how Google has improved this unique Android feature. We have our smartphone present on the car console and ready to give us what we need right away.

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