Download everything from Google Photos? So you can get it

by Kelvin
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Sure, because the storage it offers Google Photos It is infinite (as long as the requirements of the Mountain View company regarding the resolution are met), it has a lot of video and images stored in the cloud. And, maybe you want to download some to have a backup of the most impotent.

The truth is that this is not precisely complicated, and one of the best ways to achieve this without putting the smartphone storage space in trouble is to use a computer, regardless of the operating system it uses. The reason for this is that Google Photos has a version for browser which offers everything you need to perform the discharge.


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The compatibility offered by the client we are talking about is very wide, since it is possible to use it both in Google's own browser, Chrome; going through Microsoft Edge; and, of course, Mozilla Firefox. The case is that in all of them you have to access this link to access the content you have in your profile. Obviously, you have to use the username and password you have to, for example, access Gmail. Once you do this, you will see all the videos and images you have saved completely and without restrictions.

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Two ways to download the contents of Google Photos

The simplest is the one that allows to obtain each one of the contents of individual form. That is, you can get a photo or video (in this case there is no block download). The process is quite simple, since from the central list in which everything is sorted by date and you must choose the one you want to have on the computer.

Next, you have to use the option Plus and, in the menu that seems to look for an option called to download. This causes the process that you can repeat as many times as you want to begin. Obviously this is fast, but to get everything you have in Google Photos would take a long time. Therefore, in this case you have to perform other steps.

Google Photos on computer

Download everything you have in Google Photos in just one step

The customer of the service we are talking about does not offer this possibility, either in Windows or Mac, so you have to resort to another tool offered by the Mountain View company that, it must be said, offers many to manage everything that exists in its services.

Specifically, we must use profile you have on Google, this is the link, and then you must indicate the username and password with the account from which you want to download the contents. Now you have to look for a section where it looks Google Photos icon and select it to get a backup (the rest of the options that can be downloaded must be deselected).

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The next step is to choose All photo albums included, to get everything you have in the service of the Mountain View company. Now you can indicate if you want the data to be stored in a cloud service, such as Drive or Dropbox, (or, failing that, by a link that is received by email). Accept everything from here and, simply, you have to patience to complete the process in Google Photos.

A final detail that should be known

By the way, you should know that formats in which the contents are downloaded in Google Photos is MP4 for videos and JPEG In the case of images. Therefore, compatibility is excellent.

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