Download Fildo APK, Android app to listen to music in Streaming πŸ”Š

by Kelvin
Fildo APK

Do you know the Fildo app? Probably, Spotify is the most popular streaming music application worldwide. The only drawback is that to access certain services it is necessary to have a payment account. Therefore, it is not surprising that many users try to find free alternatives.

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And one of the most recommended is undoubtedly Fildo. It is an app that allows you to find songs of all kinds to download or listen to online. In this way, you will have at your disposal a wide range of music of all styles without having to invest a penny.

Fildo, unlimited music on your smartphone

A song finder

Fildo It is not an application that has its own catalog. In fact, it does not host content of any kind. What this application does is search for songs that are available in different places on the Internet.

In this way, instead of looking for the songs you like in different places, you can have them all in the same app. Basically, what it does is solve the task of searching on Google or similar places where you can listen and download your favorite songs. Just by opening it, you will have access to all the music you want.

Download Fildo APK, Android app to listen to music in Streaming πŸ”Š 1

Fildo for mobile, PC or console

In principle, Fildo was an exclusive application for Android. However, on its website we also find versions available for Windows 10, Xbox and Windows Mobile

This will allow you to access your favorite songs both from your mobile and from your computer or your console. Its developers are working on a version that allows it to be used also on iOS, but has not yet been published. The idea is to become a multiplatform tool, so that the device from which you connect to listen to your favorite songs does not matter.

Download Fildo APK, Android app to listen to music in Streaming πŸ”Š 2

Download Fildo APK for Android

By not having its own catalog of songs, Fildo is not responsible for the copyright of the music that can be heard through it. However, this does not comply with Google’s rules, so it’s not possible to find the app in the Google Play Store.

download fildo apk

However, you can download Fildo APK easily. All you have to do is make sure you have given your smartphone the necessary permissions to install third-party applications. Or see our tutorial how to install applications APK on Android

You can download the APK installation file, in the following link of its official page:

If you have ever used Fildo APK, you can share your experience with other users in the comments section, which you will find below.

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