Download GTA San Andreas now for free on PC

by Kelvin

GTA San Andreas has been made available on Rockstar Games' platform to celebrate the company's new launcher

With the launch of its own PC gaming platform, the Rockstar, owner of the franchise GTA (or Grand Theft Auto), made available a free copy of GTA San Andreas (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, original title) for those who download your launcher. To enjoy the benefit, you must be signed in to your Google Account. Rockstar Social Club, where the games will be allocated, and redeem the offer.


The launcher of Rockstar games works more or less like the options in Steam or from Epic Games: You download the software, install it, and then serve as a hub for titles installed on your PC. THE Rockstar will also sell your games through the launcher – without removing them from Steam.

Some features also add to the newness, such as the availability of cloud saves and automatic game updates. It is noteworthy that the company's games did not leave the catalog of Steam until now.

How to Download GTA San Andreas on PC

To ensure your free copy of the game is easy, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: visit the website of Rockstar and click on “Download to Windows";

Download GTA San Andreas now for free on PC 6

Step 2: install launcher on your PC and then launch it;

Download GTA San Andreas now for free on PC 7

Step 3: sign in with your email from Social club. If you do not have an account, create it here;

Download GTA San Andreas now for free on PC 8

Step 4: when you open the platform you will be able to see the game in the "already available" list. click in GTA San Andreas and then “redeem free game”;

Download GTA San Andreas now for free on PC 9

Step 5: After confirmation, the game will be available in your library, just download it.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Originally released in 2004 for Playstation 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the apex of the franchise of Rockstar on the console Sony. The third 3D chapter in the series brought the largest area to explore so far, with large open fields and tons of hidden secrets.

The game was also known for introducing feeding and exercise mechanics, which affected the shape of the character. The protagonist C.J. could get fat if he overdoes fast food, or full of muscle when exercising too much. Over time the game has reached several other platforms such as the Original xbox, PRAÇA and mobile devices Android and iOS.

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